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The Avalon Theater is the home of In the Heart of the Beast Mask & Puppet Theatre (HOBT) but hosts other productions, as well. The building was originally built a as neighborhood movie house in 1937 by architect Perry Crosier. HOBT moved in in 1988 and continues to own and operate the building, which is used for theater, music and dance performances.

Upgrades to Avalon Theater building
Upgrades will soon begin on the Avalon Theater building

Upgrades to Avalon Theater building

HOBT has recently received a financial gift that will allow it to begin transforming the aging and distressed building into a neighborhood art center. The plan is to condense HOBT’s programming down to 20 weeks per year of stage use, leaving 30 weeks to fill with arts programming and events that represent the cultures present in area neighborhoods. HOBT hopes to host live music, dance, theater, film, birthday parties, weddings and more in the revitalized building.


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