Twin Cities Snow Day Survival Guide

“It’s A Snow Day!” The words every child longs to hear. Sometimes we love it as parents, too. But sometimes we wonder how we’re going to make it through this unplanned snowbound day. If you have lived in the Twin Cities your whole life, find links to ideas for family fun. We would also love to have you share your knowledge.  Leave us a comment if you have snow day wisdom you would like to share!

If you are new to the Twin Cities, we answer some of your questions below.

  • Where do I get Snow Day alerts?
  • Are there good Snow Day Deals and Specials?
  • Can I get groceries delivered in bad weather?
  • What are the snow day parking restrictions in my city?

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Minnesota Snow Day Deals and Specials?

Sorry. While snow day deals are popular in other parts of the country, we don’t cancel school for light snow falls (unless wind chills are dangerous or sometimes because wet precipitation could make a morning or evening commute dangerous). In Minnesota, if inclement weather is bad enough to close schools, it is generally not advisable to go out. Therefore, we don’t see a lot of these deals in our area. If we do see them, we’ll share them here and readers are welcome to share in the comments. Please use caution if you drive.

5 Ways to Get School Closing Information

One of my favorite childhood memories was watching the school closings scroll across the TV screen on snow day mornings while watching the morning forecasts. We would cheer when our school came across the screen. Now we can just hit their website. Here are links to the major stations’ school closing pages and well as after-school activities:

  1. Fox9 School Closings
  2. KARE 11 School Closings
  3. KSTP School Closings
  4. WCCO School Closings
  5. Sign up for automated phone calls or texts through your school

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