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Dillard Movers was imagined into reality by James Dillard, with Sam Myers (his partner in life and business) supporting him every step of the way.

James was intent on seizing the direction of our future and providing generational wealth for our children. It was built upon a foundation of family, hard work, and integrity and thus, the Dillard Standard was coined.​ At its heart, Dillard Movers believes in treating everyone who uses our services, and especially those who work for us, with kindness and respect. ​

the Dillard Movers team


In the words of the great entrepreneur, Mr. Richard Branson, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

This is the philosophy that Dillard Movers is built upon. They take care of their own, and in return, the staff will take care of the customers.

What is your favorite part of the business?

Dillard Family

Connecting with our customers and serving them through some major transitions in life. I love hearing from customers what brought them to us, whether it be a change in job, a new baby one the way, a marriage or divorce, or family helping their loved ones downsize and transition into senior living… We’ve heard all the stories, shared in excitement, even shed some tears and held hands, and we are honored to be able to support them through it and provide our services to help alleviate or add to their current stepping stone in life.

What has been the biggest hurdle for Dillard Movers?

The biggest hurdle for us has been getting our name out there, where people feel comfortable trusting us with some of their most intimate and personal belongings. Being a small company, it has taken time to develop our brand and get our name into households. But we wholeheartedly believe in our approach to meet you where you’re at and taking you into the next step of your life, a personal touch you won’t find with big box companies. We never want to lose who we are as genuine, kind people, and that personal touch that we give to our customers.

Dillard Family at MemorialWhat legacy do you want to leave?

We want to create not only generational wealth for our children and something they can be proud of and carry on for us in the future, but we want to create the idea that business does not have to be impersonal. Everyone goes through life’s moments, everyone deserves businesses who want to serve them but also meet them in the moments of their life. I want everyone who works with us for us to walk away feeling like we are movers who care.

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