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418 Summit Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55102, United States

Summit Overlook Park sits at the top of the Ramsey Hill and across historic Summit Avenue from Nathan Hale Park, with the two parks creating a triangular hourglass shape. Aside from views over the city’s West End neighborhood, the focal point of the park is the commanding New York Life Eagle sculpture. Public Art St Paul saved the bronze Eagle – cast in 1890 – from an uncertain future and installed it in Summit Overlook Park to keep watch over the bluff. You can read more about the history of the sculpture here.

Summit Overlook Park
New York Life Eagle sculpture

Commemorative benches are placed around the neat triangle where a grand hotel rose in the late 1850’s. In the past few years, Summit Overlook Park has been a site of St Paul’s Fitness in the Parks summer program.

5 Ideas for Family Fun at Summit Overlook Park

  1. Wear out the kids climbing the steps up to the overlook. Never underestimate the joy of a good stairs workout for grownups either!
  2. Enjoy the view. It is particularly spectacular in autumn.
  3. In the summer, time your visit to join a free fitness class. This may be best for families with older kids.
  4. Pack a snack and enjoy a mini picnic.
  5. Combine this outing with a visit to the nearby Nathan Hale Park.

Summit Overlook Park
Historical Marker

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