Tips for Family Safety At the 2016 Minnesota State Fair

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Family Fun Twin Cities promotes many activities akin to the State Fair (running August 25-September 5, 2016). They are busy events. They are crowded. There is a lot of stimulation. The potential for getting separated from your child is real (just ask Anne about the time she lost her then-7-year-old at the Fair for an everlasting 2 hours). This can seem overwhelming or just plain crazy to some parents. We’ve put together a few of safety preparation tips on your end and coaching for your children before you head out to the Get-Together:

MN State Fair 14 trumpetBefore the Event

  • ID Bracelets! Pick them up at Information Booths just as you are entering or at dozens of locations around the Fairgrounds, open 8am-8pm.
  • Write YOUR name and phone number on a piece of paper pinned to the inside of their shirt or in your child’s shoe. Somewhere that is easily located, but not announcing to the world who you are and where you live.
  • Teach your children who to look for when they can’t find you. A police officer or a mom with children are great options. We don’t want them talking to any stranger, but if they can’t find us, they need some direction.

mn state fair alphabet forestDuring the Event

  • Know how your children are dressed. What color is their shirt? Are they wearing shorts? What’s in their hair? I like to try to dress my kids in similar colors so that if I am in a panic, I can look at my other kids and remember what they are wearing. Matching is not necessary, but you should take a good look at them before you are in a crowded place.
  • Take a picture of them with your phone before you head out for the day. That way everyone knows who they are looking for. Brave little wanderers in a large crowd can present quite the parenting challenge.
  • The minute you can’t find your child, get help. The State Fair has a missing child protocol that they can implement faster than you can run back and forth calling your child’s name. They are more effective, too.
  • Keep in mind the places you have already been or things your child had been asking to do before you were separated. That information will be helpful for the searcher.

Mn State Fair 14_mmkw_stingerIf you see a lost child

  • Teach your child to approach the lost child by asking, “Do you need help finding your mommy?”
  • Stay with the child in the spot where you found him while you seek help–security guards, fair workers, police.
  • Reassure all the children that everyone is doing all they can to help and it won’t be long.
  • If you can, stay for the resolution even if you aren’t needed.  Your children will want to know if the child will be okay.  Plus, it teaches them that many times others’ needs are more important than their own.

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