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Twin Cities Curfew Times for Minors
Minnesota State Fair 2020: 20 Ideas for Free Family Fun!
2019 Minnesota State Fair Guide – Family Fun Twin Cities

Twin Cities Curfew Times for Minors

As our kids get older, we start to navigate the tricky balancing act of giving them room to exercise independence while also keeping them safe and properly monitored. While ultimately only a parent can decide how to do this, we have some guidance with curfew times. This information comes in particularly useful on certain holidays – like New Years Eve, Independence Day and Halloween.

Short Answers:

  1. Is there a curfew for Minors in Minnesota? Yes. While the state has not set a specific time, most municipalities and counties have curfews. They tend to be similar throughout the state, but you’ll want to look at your own area, which we have listed below by county.
  2. What is the curfew for 16 and 17-year-olds in Minnesota? Again, you’ll want to check your own municipality, but older teens often have a later curfew, with midnight being the most frequent curfew time for 16 and 17 year old minors.
  3. What about park curfews? Note that if your kids are out in parks, the park may have a different closing time from the city curfew. We try to list those times in our park directory entries.

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Minnesota State Fair 2020: 20 Ideas for Free Family Fun!

The time is drawing near for families to finalize their State Fair family fun plans!

What’s that? You haven’t yet decided if you’ll be attending this year? (I do tend to forget that not everyone is quite as obsessed with this Minnesota ritual as I am.) I can empathize: I find it uncomfortably hot, crowded and expensive much of the time, too. But after years of dragging my brood to the Fair for days on end I’ve honed my plans for making the most of it. I can’t do much to control the crowds or the weather; however I’d love to share 20 of our favorite free fair activities that help keep the costs down.

Minnesota State Fair 2019: 20 Ideas for Free Family Fun!

More Fair: FFTC’s Guide to the 2020 Minnesota State Fair

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