“Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience” at the Science Museum of Minnesota Giveaway

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Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience is the new all-encompassing exhibit at the Science Museum.  We are excited to share with you what it’s all about.  

And offer you a chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to bring your family!

Congratulations to Cassie Merrill for winning the Giveaway!  Look for an email in your inbox!


image courtesy of SMM

When  I was young, we went to the Kennedy Space Center.  I begged my parents NOT to go on the space shuttle tours because I did not want to go.

I was absolutely convinced that against my will I would be taken off this planet and thrown into outer space.

I’ve never been known for my logic.

Thanks to the Science Museum of Minnesota, I get another chance to be logical.  And experience space.

Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience was designed and developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota in partnership with the International Space Station Office of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the California Science Center, and partner museums.

Taken from the Science Museum of Minnesota’s press release

Science Museum of Minnesota

image courtesy of SMM

Did you catch that?  This exhibit is in partnership with the International Space Station Office.  It’s the real thing here in Minnesota. Visitors get to climb aboard a full-size mock-up of the Destiny Lab.

That’s the primary research facility for U.S. payloads on the ISS.  (Do you know what payload means?  I don’t.) Also, visitors will get the sensation of floating inside it because of its rotating design.

Super cool.

Not to be outdone, the Omnitheatre is hosting a new 45 minute show called Journey  to Space.  I plan to take some Dramamine so as not to feel ill as we virtually travel into the great unknown.

Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience is in town until September 7 (Labor Day), but don’t wait.  You don’t want to accidentally miss it.

Giveaway time!

The Science Museum has offered a family 4-pack to one of our readers and we are excited to pass it along!

The winner receives

  • admission into the Science Museum
  • admission into the Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience Exhibit
  • admission into Journey Into Space Omnitheatre film

Giveaway ends on March 31, 2015!

We will notify the winner via email.

How to enter

Science museum of Minnesota

image courtesy SMM

Mandatory Entry

In light of my illogical fears as a kid, leave a comment about a crazy fear you had as a child or as an adult.  (I will be sharing the best ones on facebook)

Extra Entries (leave a comment for each of these tasks completed.  These are only eligible if the mandatory entry is completed)



image courtesy of SMM

image courtesy of SMM

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Gianna Kordatzky

I am married to the craziest, most awesome man I know. We have four kids--Ranging in ages from 5-10. You can learn more about my life as a mother and wife at www.giannaraekordatzky.blogspot.com .

I love to throw parties and be with friends. I love to read my Bible and grow closer to God. I love to eat and exercise. I have learned to love coffee.
And I could really use a nap.


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  • When I was a kid, once I learned that the sun would eventually die out, I worried about that constantly for several months (maybe 3rd grade?). Much to my chagrin, my daughter (now 10) spent most of last summer worried about the sun burning out. We’d talk about how it won’t happen for billions of years, but she focused on how terrible it would be to be alive when it does happen. That’s a very specific genetic predisposition.

  • When I was little my mom used to make homemade play dough. She would make it in a pot on the stove and it would slowly form into a ball. I had a fear that the play dough would keep growing bigger on it’s own and somehow gain the ability to roll over me and squish me under it’s weight. Needless to say, I now make play dough for my two boys, so it didn’t do too much damage:).

  • After seeing a freaky movie on tv as a child, I was terrified of aliens coming to my house and standing next to me as I lay sleeping.

  • When my parents were angry or upset with me I thought they were not my real parents but mean people that had stepped into my parents bodies like suits that zipped up in the back. So I would think they were my parents but they really weren’t. Where I thought my real parents had actually gone I have no idea. They would always come back and I would have my nice parents back. But I was very afraid that maybe one day my real parents wouldn’t come back and I would be stuck with the “mean suits”.

  • I use to be afraid of a particular bathroom in our house. I thought some terrible monster lived in the toilet inside and would reach up out of the bowl and pull me in. Unfortunately I had to walk by it to get to my bedroom so i would insist that my parents or grandmother walk between me and the bathroom or else I wouldn’t go.

  • When we went to get a movie rental one time (at Mr. Movies, remember them??), there was this one movie where on the cover was this super creepy and scary green alien coming out of a toilet bowl and I was TERRIFIED that he’d come out of one of our toilets at night.

  • When I was young, my dad told me a girl lived in the beams of our house and he even gave her a voice. I was so fearful that girl would get me in my sleep!

  • I have a terrible fear of vomit; I panic whenever I’m around people. I’ll panic when someone feels or looks ill; I avoid places where someone’s likely to get sick (especially bars, also doctors’ clinics and hospital as much as possible); I avoid any old food and wash my hands, cooking utensils and fresh food items repeatedly to avoid contamination in case it makes me sick; I get nervous around babies or when sitting in front of people (on public transport, at the cinema, etc) in case they throw up; and if someone near me is actually sick, I have a panic attack and hyperventilate… sounds stupid I know, but I can’t get over it either!

  • I used to think that when I could hear my hearbeat in my hear before I fell asleep, it was a monster walking down the hallway.

  • When I was a kid my Nana read The Natonal Enquirer and other ‘magazines’ of that sort. One day I was shocked by the cover story about how scientists found dinosaur DNA and were planning to clone it. There was a large photos of a T-Rex on the front. I just remember flipping through trying to find out more and understand why anyone would want dinosaurs to come back to life! The thought terrified me! So much so that I could not sleep at night for weeks. I’s lay awake thinking of all the ways dinosaurs would surely kill us all. I’d sneak into my parents room and make myself a bed on the floor so I could be with them when the end came. The end of course would be a giant T-Rex crashing through our house and eating up all my family members. In my head I thought if that’s how we were going to go, might as well be together. The worst was shortly after this article came out, so did Jarrasic Park the movie. It was playing at our local drive in theater. It was the first time my parents took us to the drive in and all I remember is crying in the back of the van thinking how everyone could watch what was bound to happens once scientists succeeded! Dinos roaming the earth and eating us all! Scarred me for a long time…

  • I saw some movie as a kid where someone killed someone else by putting windex in them (maybe an IV or dropped into their mouth, I can’t remember) but I am still freaked out a bit by windex.

  • Birds pooping in my hair! It happened when I was a kid and now I am constantly looking out for birds flying over my head 🙂

  • When I was a child I was afraid of white chickens. Any other color was fine. Red, black, tan, brown, speckled… But I was legitimately terrified of white chickens.

  • I was a bit a of a nervous nelly as a kid. I grew up in the country in a small town and we had many different bus routes that we all had to take to eventually get us home; one from my Catholic School, to the Middle School (Switch buses, pick up more kids), go to High school, (same thing). Because I lived so far out of town, I was always so fearful that the bus just wouldnt’ come. If it was a few minutes late , I would go through this whole worst case scenario in my head. I still have worst case scenario dreams about lots of horrible stuff. Of course, the bus would always come and the pleasant kids around me (not) would then tease me for my anxiety. Thanks guy, appreciate that. 🙂

  • Every time I went swimming I was afraid the bottom of the pool would open up and killer sharks would come out and get me.

  • I was afraid of the attic in my grandparent’s house. There was this tiny little closet up there and I was convinced something was living in there. When I got older and lost the fear I discovered all kinds of cool stuff in that tiny closet and wished I hadn’t been so afraid of it when I was younger.

  • When I was a child my siblings and I had a paper route. We delivered to this one creepy house and I was always afraid the birds were going to swoop down and attack me. I haven’t seen the movie birds and I don’t think I ever will.

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