Read Aloud Wednesday– ‘A Dog is a Dog’ by Stephen Shaskan

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Sometimes you want a quick and fun read with your kids. And this month’s suggestion is one of my favorites. This month’s Read Aloud Wednesday Book Recommendation is A Dog Is A Dog by Stephen Shaskan.

A Dog is a Dog
In the tradition of Dr. Seuss, Stephen Shaskan has written a delightful story for you and your preschooler, toddler, and even young elementary kiddos.

A Dog is a DogUnlike some Dr. Seuss and more like Sandra Boynton, the text is not one that will trip you up.

A Dog is a DogIn the spirit of the great cartoon illustrators, Stephen has created colorful pictures and goofy ideas for every reader to enjoy.

A Dog is a Dog

Personally, I love the progression of animals he leads you through.

This book will take you about three minutes to read out loud, but it’s catchy. You will find yourself memorizing it before you know it. Or making up your own rhymes to your own story.

That would be a great family project to do with this story. Pick four animals, write your own poem and illustrate it.

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This article was originally published by Gianna Kordatzky in October of 2015.

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