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Red Balloon Bookshop — Grand Avenue, St. Paul

891 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105, United States
651 224 8320
Admission: $ 0.00
Most events are free. Some require a purchase and/or a ticket.
Hours of Operation:
Monday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, The Red Balloon Bookshop is a perfect stop for everyone in the family. 

Visiting the Red Balloon Bookshop

The first time I ever entered this store, I was 10 years old (give or take).   It was so magical then.  And it is still just as magical today. Okay, so I'll admit it.  I'm a sucker for books. I like to be surrounded by books.  I like piles of books and stacks of books.  Books on shelves.  Books on beds.  Books in bags.  Books scattered around my house (just not on the floor where they can and will be stepped on).

It tickles my fancy to see my kids enamored by books as much as I am.Red Balloon Bookshop

And The Red Balloon Bookshop does everything right to make books magical.

Now that I've used the word magical three times in my description of The Red Balloon Bookshop, let me describe it for you. It's located in big gray house right off of Grand Ave in St. Paul. As you walk into the store, you find yourself in book wonderland.

Picture the library scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  While the books don't climb exactly that high on the walls, you get the same sense of breathtaking "Wow!" It's spacious lay-out makes it very user friendly.  Almost every corner is visible from anywhere in the store, and because it is open, I was able to hear my children when I wasn't able to see them. 

Red Balloon BookshopAs we explored this homey bookshop , my eye caught the sign that said, "Bargain Books in the basement." Of course. The four of us, traipsed down the stairs to explore what goodies they had hiding down there.
In a sectioned off area away from the book processing space, The Red Balloon Bookshop had crammed Educational books,

Bargain books,Red Balloon Bookshop

Red Balloon Bookshop

Grown-up Bargain books,

Red Balloon Bookshop

and Foreign Language books.

Red Balloon Bookshop
My family is in love with Skippyjon Jones.  We were able to find a brand new copy of Skippyjon Jones and Mummy Troubles for $4.  It was thrilling! It was awesome!Everyone was excited!
When our treasure hunt was deemed successful, we traveled back up the stairs to enjoy a bit more of The Red Balloon Bookshop. With lots of book characters to love (Princess Pea is holding her good friend Olivia) and other "old-fashioned" toys, The Red Balloon Bookshop brings you back to the simple joys of life. 
Red Balloon BookshopA good book is priceless.Red Balloon Bookshop And a bookshop filled with good books is even better.

Red Balloon BookshopCan I say that I love that they call themselves a bookshop and not a bookstore.  The word shop is just so sublime for this gem.

Red Balloon Bookshop Highlights

  • Parking on Grand Avenue can be hectic (like I mentioned here), and The Red Balloon has a small parking lot in the back.  This is extremely helpful.  I'm sure on busy days, it gets filled up quickly, but check it out first before trying to park on the street.  There is also a back entrance into the shop so you don't need to walk around the store (in the snow if it's a snowy MN winter).
  • They offer red balloons to families.  One per family.  People know where you've been if you decide to walk Grand Ave. after enjoying your visit.
  • The staff is sweet.  You can tell that they truly love books.  And that they truly love children.  They are upbeat and kind, ready with a smile. JackJack was playing with a broken toy and honestly, I wasn't sure if he had broken it or not. I brought it up to the counter and they didn't accuse us of breaking it. They didn't even allude to that (which honestly, I probably would have done).  They were so gracious.

Disadvantages to the Red Balloon Bookshop

  • They are on Grand Avenue, so when it's busy, parking can be extremely difficult. 
  • Some of the books within JackJack's reach were a little too fragile (especially in the basement).  A 21 month old tearing through a pop-up book without major adult intervention makes me a little nervous.  I do not want to buy a torn pop-up book even if it did come from the Bargain section. 
  • There is a single step (or was it double?  I can't exactly remember) up into part of the store.  Everything was carpeted so tumbles were not a major factor but not everything was wheelchair accessible.
As you can see, I was in love with this bookshop.  If you are on the east side of the Twin Cities, it's indubitably a must see.  Even if you aren't on the east side, it's worth it.

Family Book Clubs at the Red Balloon Bookshop

The Red Balloon offers parent-child book clubs. Families can find the perfect book club for their needs, find the book and sign up by visiting the Red Balloon's website.

Birthday Parties at the Red Balloon Bookshop

The Red Balloon hosts birthday parties in their basement party space. Parties are supervised by two Red Balloon party hosts and include 2 hours of book fun for kids aged 3-7, invitations and thank-you cards, red balloons and $5 gift cards for attendees, all the decorations and party ware. You bring your own food and drinks. Party packages are $225 and include up to 10 kids. The birthday child can even register for a book registry before the party. Themes include, Princess and Prince Power, Reading is Super (Superheroes), Pirate Adventure, Silly Science and Animal Fun. 

Keys 4:4 Kids Piano at Red Balloon BookshopPiano on The Red Balloon Bookshop Patio

In 2017, Red Balloon is again partnering with Pianos on Parade and Keys 4/4 Kids to provide a Piano on its Patio. Patrons are encouraged to stop by and play and Red Balloon will be hosting events around the piano including Piano Storytimes.

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