Great River Water Park

Need another tool in your box to push through the last few weeks of chilly Minnesota temps? Give the (indoor!) Great River Water Park in St. Paul a try.  During the 2021-2022 indoor season, open swim hours are offered every day, except Tuesday and Thursday. We recommend checking the City of Saint Paul’s website for the most current schedule.

Great River Water Park in Oxford Community Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Oxford Community Center – Great River Water Park

Now, don’t get Water Park of America visions in your head. The children’s activity pool at Great River is equipped with a medium-sized water play structure, small slides, bubblers and a few interactive touches. But this is what makes the junior water park such a relief to those parenting multiple little ones! The zero-depth entry maxes out at 18 inches deep. Vigilant lifeguards pace the perimeter. The tot’s pool is also kept in a separate room to cut down on cross-traffic from older kids. (Just a note: I found this pool a little cool for my liking, but my little ones didn’t complain.)

Speaking of those older kids – if you’ve got them – they’ll appreciate the two enclosed-tube waterslides that snake outside the building and back, and the larger swimming pool.

It’s no substitution for summer, but a day at the Great River Water Park might make bearing the end of winter just a little easier.

Great River Water Park  

Oxford Community Center
270 N. Lexington Parkway
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Current admission: $7/pp
Deals: $4 Open Swim Mornings from 9am-11am on Monday, Wednesday & Twilight Swims on Friday (after 5pm) and Saturday (after 4pm).

(Most years, the third Friday of the month is “Family Fun & Fitness Friday,” when swimmers and non-swimming chaperones alike – pays just $2 admission, however, they do not appear to be offering that deal in 2021).

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