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peapods storefront
Hours of Operation:
Mon. Closed
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Sun. Closed
Permanently Closed.

Peapods was a locally owned toy and baby store in Saint Paul.  It closed its doors for the final time on June 20, 2015.  However, this is one of our happier going-out-of-business stories. Shortly after closing peapods, the owners reopened a new toy store – Mischief Toys – same local owners, same space, but specializing in toys for bigger kids – something the area needed.

Peapods Store Front

Where to Shop now that Peapods is Gone:

Never fear, we have not run out of locally-owned and operated toy stores. We feature our favorites here: Twin Cities Toy Stores for Every Family.  For more ideas for shopping for babies and new parents, FFTC’s Ultimate Baby Guide to the Twin Cities

About Peapods Toy Store:

“Our store is an alternative toy and baby supply store. We offer a huge selection of great products. We offer baby slings, cloth diapers and wraps, wooden toys, puzzles, silk toys, toys made from recycled plastic, dress up wear, stuffed animals, finger puppets, dolls, dollhouses, toy trains, and a lot more really really neat stuff. Nearly everything is made of natural woods and fibers–no batteries or vinyl toys.” -Peapods Website

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