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Big Stone Mini Golf and Sculpture Garden, Minnetrista

7110 County Rd 110 W, Minnetrista, MN, United States 55364
Admission: $10.00
Cost: $10/adult, $9/child
Hours of Operation:
Mon. 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tue. 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wed. 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thu. 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Fri. 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Sat. 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Sun. 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Closes at sundown. May-October (and April/November when weather permits)

Weather permitting, Big Stone Mini Golf and Sculpture Garden is open 7 days a week May through October (and sometimes April and November). It is opened from 10 am until sunset or 9 pm (whichever comes first). If you want to play and no one is in the clubhouse, bring the correct change and use the pay-box.

Besides Mini Golf and the sculpture garden, the farm animals roam the pastures around the park. It is also just a three minute drive from Gale Woods Farm. Read More about Big Stone in Anne's Article about visiting this mini golf treasure with her family.

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Big Stone Mini Golf Course

The course itself is a Par 56 course and has 14 holes - each of which is a sculpture. The holes are: 

  1. Dead Tree Forest (Par 5)
  2. Banking On Mound (Par 3)
  3. Wind Mill (Par 4)
  4. Arbor Viney (Par 3)
  5. Wiggley Worm (Par 5)
  6. Eye of the Donut (Par 4)
  7. Crow de sole (Par 4)
  8. Holey Ship (Par 4)
  9. Pumpkin Patch (Par 4)
  10. Across the Universe (Par 4)
  11. The Spiral (Par 5)
  12. Shoot the Rapids (Par 3)
  13. Pachinko (Par 3)
  14. Gently down the Stream (Par 4)

Big Stone Sculpture Garden

Big Stone Advancing Arts is a non profit organization with a focus on sharing kinetic sculptures. The golf course and surrounding area is the organization's largest sculpture garden. Families are welcome to explore it when visiting.

Big Stone Farm Animals

Farm animals roam the pastures of the Big Stone property to graze on the wild flowers in the sun or climb Goat Mountain. Enjoy watching the horses, cows, goats and other farm animals during your visit.


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