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Rainy Day Guide for Family Fun
Family Fun Idea: Gardening with Kids
Family Movie Night Ideas – Descriptions and Parental Guidance

Rainy Day Guide for Family Fun

A rainy day conjures up an image of a warm drink and a conversation with a friend, a good book in front of the fire.  A lazy day inside catching up on all your shows. 

Unless you are a parent. Rainy Day

Rainy days are not necessarily romantic, peaceful or perfect.
They can be dreadful, fear-inducing and to put it simply–hated.  I don’t think I even need to explain why. (But I will)

Uncivilized crazies bounce off the walls, tedious groans of boredom echo through the house.  Whiny pleas for “more screen tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmme!”  Read More

Family Movie Night Ideas – Descriptions and Parental Guidance

Whether it is movies in the park, DVDs or streaming, we tend to see the same movie offerings – a few that we can call the “movies of the year” and some classics that keep coming around. We are gathering Family Movie Night ideas into one place with short reviews, parental guidance, and links to longer reviews when we have them. I’ve also included reviews from past film festivals because many of these movies are now streaming or available through your public library. In these cases, I’ve added a language notation.


Note: No one on the FFTC staff has a film background. We are parents with opinions. If you disagree with these reviews or just want to add your own thoughts, we welcome your opinions in the comments, the more real parent opinions the better.

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