SweetSpot Baseball: Perfect for a Summer at Home

Sweetspot in the backyard

Move over NERF and Wiffle,  SweetSpot Baseball is here to stay. Created by two Minnesota natives, Jim van Bergen and Dave Soderquist, SweetSpot Baseball is a premium, affordable backyard baseball experience for every family. 

Disclosure: My family received from SweetSpot a senior bat, junior bat, and several spaseballs to try in our own backyard. This review contains my own thoughts and opinions.

Our SweetSpot Adventure

When our package arrived, my boys tore into the package.  I handed out the junior bat (28 inches) and the senior bat (34 inches) each with their own ball to use. 

And they got to work tossing the balls into the air, learning about hand/eye coordination. 

What we love about SweetSpot

  1. Our whole family enjoyed it.  From Dad, age 43 to Omri, age 10.  The girls would have even had fun if the boys had shared.
  2. The bats and balls are really good quality.  Omri even took a regular ball to to his bat and sent it careening through the backyard.  As a mom who wanted the products to last a while, I wasn’t exactly excited about that and asked him to not do it again, but it showed us that it is a solid bat.  There was no damage to be seen.
  3. Using this equipment makes it possible to develop a sense of hand/eye coordination with lightweight balls.   I didn’t need to worry that they would get injured.  It’s like Wiffle only a lot better.
  4. Omri’s favorite thing about SweetSpot was that it was light and easy to use.  Not being a baseball family, we have a limited supply of baseball gear.  And what we do have is either sentimental (personalized Louisville Sluggers) or old and heavy.  SweetSpot was neither, and it was fun to watch them enjoy themselves.  

Sweetspot SpaseballSweetSpot is a perfect game to bring with you to the neighborhood park, to your campsite, or to your backyard.  

Currently, you can find SweetSpot in Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, and Scheels.  It is in 450 stores around the world. 

SweetSpot Approximate Price Point

Spaseballs   $5

Junior Bat and Ball $19.99

Senior Bat and Ball $29.99

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