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National Craft Month
Valentine Love Journal for Grandma – A Crafty Wednesday Project
Crafts in the Cold: Two Activities to do at Home When You Don’t Want to Leave Your House

National Craft Month

Crafting at Lakeshore Learning, National Craft Month

National Craft Month Fun

National Craft Month takes place every March and this year, FFTC was invited to Lakeshore Learning to enjoy it.

Every Saturday from 11:00 am-3:00 pm, Lakeshore Learning offers a free craft. It’s a versatile craft. Simple enough for a toddler, but can be personalized and blinged by an older child.

My ten year old loved it!  And even I got into the spirit of crafting fun!  Read More

Valentine Love Journal for Grandma – A Crafty Wednesday Project

For Christmas, my husband made me a journal out of an old book. He removed the pages of the book, cut new pages out of notepaper and used bookbinding glue to attach the new pages to the cover. Not only was it the best gift I’ve ever been given, it opened up an endless supply of craft ideas. Our first project is a Valentine Love Journal for each of the grandmas.

I had to stick one Photo Collage into our Valentine Love Journal

I wanted my kids to do most of the work, but I did make one Photo Collage for our Journal

What Is In A Valentine Love Journal?

I wanted all of the kids to participate at their own levels and I wanted this to be a meaningful keepsake.  I came up with some questions for the kids:

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