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Crafts in the Cold: Two Activities to do at Home When You Don’t Want to Leave Your House
Crafty Wednesday – A Give-Back Craft to Start Now or for Advent
Crafty Wednesday – Treasure Art

Crafty Wednesday – A Give-Back Craft to Start Now or for Advent

crafty wednesday give back

I am all about crafts that are hands-off for parents and open-ended for kids.  That is why my modified version of this Lenten Almsgiving Project I found on Catholic Icing is perfect for us. I love Catholic Icing. I love the energy and excitement the writer, Lacy, brings to her parenting and her faith; but I have to admit that sometimes I feel like a joke next to mom’s like her. Just fair warning, you might want to view her crafts when you are feeling energetic, not after the dog eats your three-year-old’s Batman underpants (because he pooped in them and hid them under his bed) and the horrified neighbor boy finds the dog eating them and points them out to you in front of your mom who clucks her tongue as said three-year-old has a breakdown because those were his favorite Batman underpants that he pooped in.  That happens to everyone, right?

Obviously, coming from Catholic Icing, the original project has a faith spin. It was meant for Lent, but could easily be done for Advent or any other faith or non-faith tradition of giving. This is a very simple and modifiable project. Read More

Crafty Wednesday – Treasure Art

Love these simple craft ideas for busy families.

These creative kids collect bottle caps! How innovative!!My kids collect things. Weird things — buttons, bottle caps, broken jewelry, fabric cut from old clothes and, most recently, my old breast pump (to play mad scientist of course). I’m always a bit torn about whether to encourage these collections. But ultimately, I want to nurture the creative, resourceful ideas that develop from these treasures. The following photos are of “treasure art” made from buttons. Read More

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