BookHounds Episode #2: “Punk Skunks”

We were thrilled to have Stephen Shaskan and Trisha Speed Shaskan on our second BookHounds Show to share Punk Skunks. If you missed the episode, you can watch it here. Then keep going for a list of the Shaskan’s favorite read aloud books!

(Disclosure: We have a bit of technical difficulty. Hang in there. I promise meeting the Shaskans is worth it!)

For the show notes 

BookHounds Episode #2:  “Punk Skunks” Show Notes

February 29, 2016

Punk Skunks
Amazon affiliate link

If you buy the book, there are instructions on the book’s jacket to download the two songs the Shaskans wrote for Punk Skunks.

The Shaskan’s first collaborative project was called Art Panels Bam! Speech Bubbles Pow! It was a toolbox book on how to write a graphic novel.

Discussion questions provided by Read Aloud Revival.

Recommended Read Alouds from the Show Notes:

Raising Dragons by Jerdine Nolen
The story’s voice and art is beautiful.  This book has more text than 500 words which is more common in picture books written currently.  Gianna explains what a story’s voice is.

Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas.
This book engages kids and adults.  It’s a wonderful read aloud.

It’s a Tiger by David LaRochelle.
We discussed this book in April, 2016.

Scroll On. Amazon links to these books and other Shaskan Favorite are Included in our Read Aloud Wednesday Article Below.

We also discuss Rafa’s Punk Skunk Hair and doggie Halloween Costumes.

Look for more books by the Stephen and Trisha coming!

BookHounds Episode #2: Punk Skunks

Read Aloud Wednesday: Punk Skunks Recommend

This article originally published Feb 24, 2016
by Gianna Kordatzky 

This month for Read Aloud Wednesday, we asked our favorite Punk Skunks–Stephen Shaskan and Trisha Speed Shaskan–what some of their favorite picture books were.

Check these out at your library and you won’t be disappointed. These are great reads for the entire family!

read aloud wednesday - Punk SkunksThe one common denominator regarding these books are their entertainment value. I have read all of them with the exception of Raising Dragons and Rhyming Dust Bunnies, but don’t you worry. I’m going to remedy that soon.

These books are fantastical.  They aren’t of the fantasy genre of fairies and gnomes and such, but each of them takes you into another world.

  • A world where cows drive cars and jump up and down
  • a world where there’s a tiger any place you turn
  • a world where instead of being chicken farmers you have dragon farmers
  • a world where a little girl teaches the queen to behave or hangs on to everything with her teeth.

You won’t have these adventures anywhere else besides the pages of these books and your imagination. I can guarantee it. These books by David LaRochelle, Jan Thomas, Jerdine Nolen, Barbara Bottner &  Cressida Cowell may actually be hard to read aloud together because you all will be giggling so much!

Interview with the Shaskans on the Picture Book Process

This article originally published Feb 16, 2016
by Gianna Kordatzky

Punk Skunks is a rockin’ picture book illustrated and written by Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan. They share with us the process of publishing their most recent book.

  • Why did they choose skunks?
  • How did they become punk rockers?
  • What do you do when you are asked to make changes?

Punk Skunks is a must read for your family. Kids will experience disagreements with their friends.  They will fight and come home sad.  They need to be encouraged that friendships go through ups and downs and that it’s a normal part of life.

Punk Skunks brings that to life when Kit and Buzz–BSF’s have their own disagreement over their music.  A story that makes you giggle (i.e. when Buzz “paints” in the park) and gives you warm fuzzies (when Kit and Buzz sing their song) is the perfect read aloud!

Gianna’s Review of Punk Skunks

This article originally published Feb 1, 2016
by Gianna Kordatzky

Early in the month, Gianna reviewed Punk Skunks. This is what she thought:

Punk Skunks is Imaginative! Sweet! Musical!

Punk Skunks was RELEASED on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.BookHounds: Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan Authors of 'Punk Skunks' You can find a copy of it on Amazon through our affiliate link

Once upon a time two well-loved Minnesota teachers fell in love with each other. They began writing and illustrating picture books. Now, after 16 years of marriage, Stephen and Trisha are publishing the sweetest, most rockin’ picture book you have ever read.

Trisha Speed Shaskan is from Winona, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Minnesota. She has written over 40 picture books! Including…

BookHounds: Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan Authors of 'Punk Skunks'

BookHounds: Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan Authors of 'Punk Skunks'

Stephen Shaskan is from Syracuse, New York. He attended and graduated from Rhode Island School of Design.  His picture book projects include…

BookHounds: Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan Authors of 'Punk Skunks'

BookHounds: Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan Authors of 'Punk Skunks'

BookHounds: Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan Authors of 'Punk Skunks'

Be on the lookout for this couple’s upcoming work. They have a lot in the queue!  You will see a lot more of the Shaskans all over! (Just let everyone know you heard about them here first!)

Find more books by each author in our Bookshounds Author Directory: Stephen ShaskanTrisha Speed Shaskan.

Find More Great Bookhounds Interviews and Reviews.

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