Bella Nava Creations Kosher Bakery

Bella Nava Creations: Speciality Bakery

 Bella Nava Creations serves up tasty treats for everyone’s sweet celebrations.

*FFTC is proud to partner with Bella Nava Creations.

Bella Nava Creations’ mission is to help others enjoy life’s beautiful creations.

There are beautiful moments in everything. Sometimes we just need to look a little harder to see them.  As an ex-restaurant manager turned stay-at-home mommy, Brandie Itman has always loved being in the kitchen.  She started baking cheesecake for family members and then progressed into decorated birthday cakes for her children.  She enjoyed it so much, she decided to turn it into a business.

purple green white gold unicorn cupcakes

Bella Nava Creations is a mama-owned-and-operated bakery.

Serving up celebrations for ANYONE: custom decorating event for birthday (bachelorette/moms night out) parties, cupcakes for an office party, or custom truffles for a wake.

 Brandie’s favorite part of her  business is getting to do what she loves (baking and being creative) while helping others to create lasting, memorable beautiful moments.

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