A Door County Vacation with Kids

Kid-Friendly Door County, Wisconsin

Taking a summer vacation in the year of Covid have looked different for many people.  But for our family,  we were thankful that our Door County Wisconsin vacation was affected very little.  We were super grateful since we planned it last fall, and our camping trip is a tradition that we all look forward to each year.

Welcker's Point Door County WisconsinThe great thing about a Door County vacation is once you have paid for your lodging and a State Park Sticker ($38/annual out of state pass), you can make it as inexpensive as you want to.  While there are a lot of opportunities to spend money, you can do Door County fairly inexpensively and still have happy kids.

I will give you a couple of bonus options that require extra cash, but if you eat at your campsite or back at your lodging, your family will have an terrific adventure together.

Favorite Free Fun in Door County

WI State ParkPeninsula State Park | Between Fish Creek and Ephraim

Lots of hiking. Beach is super nice.  We went on only one hike, but it was along the by on Eagle Bluff Trail.
Lighthouse tours $5/person

Five Campgrounds from which to choose
Welcker’s Point has amazing sunsets

FYI: I’m not sure if it was due to Covid, but the bathrooms throughout the park were disgusting.

Whitefish Dunes State Park | Just south of Jacksonport 

Lots of shipwreck wreckage that has been pulled from Lake Michigan and displayed

The trail to 3rd Beach Access is a mile and has Native American displays along the beginning part of the trail.

Door County WisconsinCave Point County Park | Next to Whitefish Dunes State Park

Hiking is super fun along the shore.
Best experienced when there are BIG waves

Door County WisconsinDoor Bluff Headland County Park | North of Ellison Bay

The trail follows the bay with lots of beautiful trees and roots to climb on and around.
It leads to a lookout over the area where Green Bay and Lake Michigan meet.
Watch sailboats and kayaks explore the water.

Favorite Non-Free Fun in Door County

Door County WIsconsinSeaquist Orchard | South of Ellison Bay

Yummy food, but not much to do.
Fresh cherries
Cherry Crisp was delicious if you like cherries
Cherry Caramels were incredible

Fish Boil | Various locations around Door County

We went to Pelletiers in Fish Creek.  We made our reservations to eat at 7 pm which meant they asked for us to be there at 6:15 so as not to miss the Boil Over.

Door County Wisconsin

Tips for Fish Boil

  1. Choose what you are eating from online and be ready to order when you walk in.
  2. You don’t need to be there right at the start of the cooking.  Make sure you get there in time for the boil over at the very end.
  3. If you do come for the whole preparation of your meal, ask lots of questions.  It’s a pretty long 30 minutes if you aren’t learning something new.

Green Bay in Door County Wisconsin

Our Door County Vacation was one to remember especially since we had perfect weather until the very last day.  That’s when we hear thunder rumbling and got everyone up as fast as possible.  We rushed to take everything down before the rain hit, but we didn’t quite get it all before the deluge hit.

That’s what makes the best memories!

Looking for a Family Fun Adventure?  Click the image below.

Traveling with Kids Hot Rod





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