30 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Straight from Your Closet

dirndl-183675_640Halloween is right around the corner, and if your kids are like mine, they have been talking about their halloween costumes since April. If your kids haven’t been talking about their costumes, count your blessings.  It’s extremely tricky to encourage creativity and ingenuity all the while keeping it real in your own head.

For those of you who aren’t ready for Halloween, I have a  guide to easy and fantastic costumes with things from your closet/dress-up bin.  It may take a quick trip to Goodwill, but honestly, if you can’t make it out, your kiddo will have an incredible costume.


If you have one of these items in your closet, you can make a menagerie of halloween costumes.  My personal favorites are characters from children’s literature, but there are plenty of other choices.


halloween costumesArtist:  Add a beret and a black mustache.  Accessories could include a paint brush or paint palette.

Mime:  Paint your face white and wear white gloves.  Accessories could include a pair of red suspenders and an expressive face

Cat:  Add some black ears to a hoodie or a headband, paint your nose black and add some whiskers on your cheeks. Accessories could include a collar or mittens for paws.

Bat: Make ears like the cat ears and drape yourself in a black blanket.  Accessories could include vampire teeth and sunglasses.

Skunk: Paint a white stripe down the back of your black clothes and add ears like the cat.  Accessories could include flowers.

Scuba Diver: Paint two two-liter bottles bright colors, glue them together and strap them to your back.  Wear a scuba mask for the full effect.

Spy: Accessorize with a trench coat and a fedora.

Ninja: Tie a black scarf around your face. Accessories could include ninja gear: Nunchuks or a staff (trying to think of the least violent)

If you are looking for a great place to wear your costume, head over to our Halloween Guide.


Boy with a Red Balloon: Are you wondering what I’m talking about?  Check it out here.  It would be a fun costume.

mario-1557975_640 Red

Waldo: Paint horizontal strips on shirt and wear a red and white pom-pom hat.  Pop lenses out of a pair of sunglasses.

Mario:  Add a red hat and blue suspenders.



The Jolly Green Giant: Dress in all green and add a green beanie.

Luigi: Add a green hat and blue suspenders.


Fancy Nancy • Princess • Fairy • Ballerina


The Man in the Yellow Hat • Minion

child-1561966_640Dress-up Box

Mary Poppins: Use a coat, a hat, a scarf, magic bag, umbrella, and lace-up shoes.

Old Man: Use a cane, a gray paper mustache, old hat, cane/walker/crutch and old shoes.

Pippi Longstocking: Wear black man shoes, mismatched socks and clothes.  Braid hair and add add freckles to your cheeks.

Clown: Anything can be used as clown clothes. Just add a red nose and red cheeks.  Accessorize with giant shoes.

robot-148989_640Halloween Costumes from a Cardboard Box


LEGO Brick

Cell phone

Plaid Shirt

Cowboy • Farmer • Hobo • Scarecrow



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