10 Things for Kids ‘Finding Dory’

Finding DoryFinding Dory premiered on Friday, June 17, and it is a delight. I took my boys to the media preview (thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing Minneapolis) as a surprise and we were not disappointed. 

It was full of emotions, and I found myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions. While it had some sad parts, the sadness was nowhere near the level of Up or Inside Out.

Here are 10 things your kids will love in Finding Dory.

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    1. Piper, the new Pixar Short Film.  Love it.  Loooooooove it. We watch as this little baby sandpiper overcomes her fear of the waves and discovers the world under the sea.

    2. Our favorites are back!  Dory (of course), Nemo, Marlin, Mr. Ray, Crush, Squirt.  Nemo and Marlin are significant in the storyline, and we enjoy a little more time with our beloved sea turtles and stingray. 

    3. Baby Dory is the cutest thing you ever did see.  She doesn’t really look like a fish, though. This adorable bubble of a fish with bubble eyes  wraps you around her little fin and just keeps swimming.
    4. Charlie and Jenny, Dory’s parents.  They never lost hope that they would see Dory again.  Charlie and Jenny are like all parents.  I love it because in this world where parents are blamed for accidents, everyone cheers for Charlie and Jenny though they weren’t perfect at keeping Dory safe.

    5. Finding DoryHank, the Septapus.  My boys didn’t really like Hank at first because he’s pretty gruff and seems to be a little mean.  I liked him (even though I thought his name was Frank for most of the movie) due to the fact that I felt that I could understand his abruptness.  By the end, we all loved this octopus who was missing one of his tentacles. 
    6. Sigourney Weaver. Her recorded voice welcomes visitors to the Marine Life Institute.  Dory hears her voice and what follows will tickle your funny bone.

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    7. Baily, the Beluga WhaleDestiny, the Whale Shark.  Remember Dory speaking whale in Finding Nemo?  Destiny is the one who taught her.  Unfortunately, Dory is very near-sighted which leads to some hilarious circumstances.
    8. Bailey, the Beluga Whale. He believes he has lost his ability to echo locate, but his neighbor, Destiny, has always told him that he hasn’t.  When he is put to the test, Bailey comes through.

    9. BeckyBecky, the Loon.  Watching Becky is hilarious.  She is a non-speaking character, but she is smarter than Marlin gives her credit for.  Nemo sticks up for her and she comes through.  She is also very faithful.
    10. Non-stop Adventures.  I’ll give you some hints of what you will experience in Finding Dory without giving anything away: 
      Splash Fountain
      Diving Truck
      “What Would Dory Do?”

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