The Scarecrow and his Servant Opening Friday

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DNP_2274_Pair_mPhilip Pullman shares, “Of all my books I think this was the one where I had the theatre in mind most vividly as I wrote it –the semi-improvised, farcical, knockabout humour of the commedia dell’arte. ”  (Taken from Children’s Theatre Company Press Release)

Friday night is opening night for Children’s Theatre Company’s newest production The Scarecrow and his Servant.  Written by award-winning author, Philip Pullman, we watch Jack and the Scarecrow develop a deep friendship and tackle real-life issues like war in the safe place of a fantastical world where a Scarecrow is zapped to life in a kingdom not so really far away.

The Artistic Director, Peter Brosius describes, “It’s an eco-fable with muscle and great humor. It tells a picaresque story and feels like a madly comic version of Don Quixote. At its heart it shows us the transformation of a master/servant relationship into a friendship. It can have you laughing hysterically even as it makes your blood boil at injustice.” Brosius delights in embracing the challenges the story presents when putting it on stage, laughing, “The scarecrow has a turnip for a head, a sign post and an umbrella for arms and is continually falling to pieces. Just how do you make that work?” (Taken from Children’s Theatre Company press release)

DNP_2365_Trio_mThe play is recommended for children in third grade and older.  It’s not that it has adult themes, but it does challenge the audience at a level that will be beyond your preschooler.  That’s not to say your 4 year old won’t get a kick out of the Scarecrow –who is played by Dean Holt.  Who wouldn’t get a kick out of him?  He is fantastic!  And Peter Brosius, the director, is magical as well.  He is the best on-stage humor director.  His plays are funny and touching! 

The Scarecrow and his Servant runs on the UnitedHealth Group stage from March 14-April 6. 
Tickets are $10-$47. 


You can go to Simplicity in the Suburbs for a chance to win tickets for opening night.  Joy will be there with her oldest so maybe you will run into her!


Photos by Dan Norman

Dean Holt as Scarecrow, Brandon Brooks as the servant Jack


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