Getting to Know Ellie McKay – Theatre Arts Training Director

Arriving this past summer from Texas, Ellie McKay is in for quite the ride.  And I don’t mean regarding the weather. 

Ellie McKay - Theatre Arts Training Director
Wrapping a present for Grandmother Bear, it’s beautifully wrapped!

As the new director of Theatre Arts Training (TAT for short)–Children Theatre Company‘s education program taking up residence in the basement of the theatre portion of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts–Ellie has a passion for helping children learn that they have a story to share. 

And that’s just what she wants to do.  Learn their stories and encourage them to share it. 

Ellie McKay is the ipitome of engaging.  Our family has had the privilege of interacting with her twice now, and we get another chance in January.  She is kind, excited, thoughtful, and fun!  She is the perfect person to be in leadership at TAT.  

She recognizes that each student has needs.  Whether it is due to a disability or a lack of confidence, Ellie cares about everyone individually.  She works to address those needs instead of ignoring them.  

If you have been curious about learning more about TAT but were unsure, you can rest assure that Ellie will take into deep consideration how to make the program a success for your child.  She desires candid discussions with parents, incorporation of different ideas, and striving to make TAT the perfect fit for everyone who participates. 

Ellie was bursting at the seams to let me know about the different circumstances she has come across and how she had to manuever through every situation.  After college, she worked an internship at Seattle Children’s Theatre that led to being on-staff and developing a program called Bringing the Theatre into the Classroom.  Following that, she moved to Austin, Texas to work with a regional theatre’s education program. Once again she worked on a project for the school classroom called Arts Across the Curriculum.  

She has been in multiple types of adventures–both the good and the bad.  While she wouldn’t change anything, those experiences have shaped her view of the theatre and of children. 

Now the Twin Cities community benefits from Ellie’s trials by fire.  

You aren’t too late to sign up for the next semester of TAT. Classes begin the week of January 19.  There are a variety of classes from which to choose to fit your schedule and to picque your interest.  

If finances are a concern for you, Children’s Theatre Company has a very unique scholarship program  to enable your child to enjoy theatre and theatre training.

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