Go for the Gold at Como’s ZoOlympics!

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ZoolympicsThe last time Como Zoo did a ZoOlympics it was for the Summer Olympics and in July.  This weekend, they will help us get in the spirit for the Winter Olympics with kid-friendly, animal-themed activities.  “Can you run as fast as a cheetah? Jump as far as a cougar? If animals were competing in the Olympics, who would take home the gold?”

Your kids can test their abilities against the best with activities including:

  • Archer Fish Accuracy Station – Archer fish spit water at unsuspecting prey sitting on branches and leaves above the water. The stream of water they shoot out of their mouth can hit a bug 5 feet away! Kids can test their accuracy using our fun marshmallow shooters to try and hit a bull’s eye.
  • Long Jump – Cougars are extremely agile jumpers. Their relatively long hind limbs help them jump horizontal distances close to 30 feet. This fun long jump compares the distance you can jump to animals. Can you jump 2 feet like a grasshopper? Or 8 feet like a squirrel can?
  • Speed Station – Cheetahs are the fastest animal on 4 legs, running up to 70 mph! Participants will be timed as they run 20 feet, the time will be converted to mph and see how they compare to a cheetah.

Joy Peters is a co-creator and writer for FamilyFunTwinCities.com.


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Joy Peters - co-creator and writer for FamilyFunTwinCities.com.

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