Free Comic Book Day – First Saturday of May

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Free Comic Book DayThe first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day all over the country. That is May 5th in 2018. Families can find the closest participating comic book store HERE. Each year participating stores feature free sample comic books from various publishers. I love comic books, just because I love comic books. They can also be nice lead ins to books. In the past, we have been able to find a comic book to go with our favorite books or to encourage a new book.

Local artists sometimes have their own comic books for sale during Free Comic Book Day. Just like with books, it is fun to collect comic books with a local tie-in and an autograph from someone you could run into at the grocery store. Like independent bookstores, comic book stores tend to be locally-owned businesses that have to fight against the ease of internet sales.

Free Comic Book Day divides its offerings into Gold and Silver Comics. As far as I can tell, the difference is in popularity. If you see Gold Comics that you particularly want, I would recommend showing up early. Each participating store will get a limited number of comics to offer.

Having gone to a few of these events, I recommend finding a smaller store. In my experience, the bigger store has had long lines and chose your comics for you. In fact, I had a feeling they may have held back the best comics for select people. In fact, last year, at one of the biggest comic shops in town, none of us got any of the comics we wanted after standing in line outside for an hour.

In contrast, when we have visited a small nearby store, we had no lines and had our pick of any or all of the comics offered. Unfortunately small stores are less likely to stay in business from year to year, and our favorite store was closed the next year. It also may be worthwhile to call ahead to see how the store you want to visit distributes comics and how long their lines have been historically.

Note that not all the Free Comic Book Day offerings are appropriate for children. See Below for the 2018 Comic Book List categorized by age rating and color coded by Gold or Silver Comics:

2018 Free Comic Book Day – Comics For All Ages

  • Comic Friends Forever
  • Disney Princess
  • Doctor Who
  • Invader Zim Floopsy Boops Shmoopsy
  • Pokemon Sun & Moon
  • Sparks
  • Howard Lovecraft & The Kingdom of Madness
  • The Legend of Korra!
  • Maxwell’s Demons #1
  • Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir
  • Nightmare Before Christmas: Zeros Journey #0
  • The Only Living Boy
  • SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018
  • Star Wars Adventures
  • Street Angels Dog
  • The Tick
  • The Wormworld Saga

2018 Free Comic Book Day – Comics for Teens

  • Avengers Captain America
  • Studios: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Special
  • Overwatch
  • DC: Top Secret – More Updates to come in February
  • Riverdale
  • Transformers Unicron
  • A Brief History of Tank Girl
  • Crush
  • Die Kitty Die: I Love You to Death
  • Worlds Greatest Cartoonists
  • Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network
  • Infinity Watch / The Amazing Spider Man
  • Invasion
  • James Bond: Vargar
  • Lady Mechanika
  • Malika – Creed & Fury
  • Relay #0
  • The Mall
  • Shadow Roads #1
  • Shadowman Special
  • Silver
  • Starburns Presents #1
  • Strangers in Paradise
  • Ultra Street Figheter II, #1
  • My Hero Academia and RWBY
  • Worlds of Aspen: Dissension & Nu Way

2018 Free Comic Book Day – Mature Comics

  • Barrier
  • The Metabaron Book 3: The Meta-Guardianess and the Techno-Baron

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