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MetaCoders is a California-based non-profit organization that offers coding classes and camps in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota campus. Operating under the principle that “Technology Is The Future”, the organization believes that “K-12 students need to prepare for the future by becoming fluent in coding, and they’re not being taught enough coding in schools!” Parents can enroll their children in school year classes and summer camps with a 1:10 mentor/student ratio. Teachers can arrange for in-school workshops. The classes, workshops and camps focus on engagement offering hands-on opportunities for students.

MetaCoders Summer Camps

With a goal of offering affordable, flexible summer camps with competent instructors, camps also offer an “authentic college experience” on the U’s campus. Camps are offered in June and July for two age groups: kindergarten through 2nd grade and 3rd grade through 6th grade. These camps are featured in our Summer Camp Guide, where we update prices and camp dates annually.

MetaCoders Summer Camps

School Year Classes and Workshops

During the school year, MetaCoders offers weekend classes and in-school workshops. Learn more about classes and camps and the terms and conditions of enrollment here.

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