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Little Free Libraries – 8 Fun Ideas to Try
Meet “Shelly Bean, The Sports Queen” — Book Review
Bookhounds Review – One North Star

Little Free Libraries – 8 Fun Ideas to Try

Anyone who is a fan of the concept of Little Free Libraries, also knows the downside of uncurated collections. Sometimes they are empty, sometimes they are full of library rejects, and sometimes they just have inappropriate materials in them (am I the only one to find a rotten banana?). Rather than give up, we have ideas to make your visits more fun.

Love exploring Little Free Libraries? Here are some ideas for adding to the fun.

Little Free Library near Gammelgarden Museum

Regular maintenance helps build better boxes. For a couple of years after a Little Free Library was installed at the park by my house, I would stop on my daily walk to make sure it was properly stocked and neat – filling it from my family’s book collection when it was empty. This paid off. People started to visit more often as they noticed it was well-maintained. It has been full of good kids books for over a year now. I rarely have to do more than straighten the books on the shelf anymore. In fact, I have so many books to get rid of, I may need to find a new box to adopt.

Here are some other ways to add a little fun to a box near you.

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Bookhounds Review – One North Star

One North Star is a delightful book that pleasantly exceeded my expectations. The illustrations by Beckie Prange and Betsy Bowen are beautiful and engaging; and Phyllis Root manages to pack a great deal of information into lyrical prose.

One North Star

I first sat down to read the book with my math-loving preschooler, assuming he would enjoy any counting book. However, within a couple pages, my first-grader was wedged in by us, playing along as we read. By the end, I had three of them engaged (ages 4-11).

This is the kind of book that can be read repeatedly but with a different focus each time. It can be read as:

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