Twin Cities Stables Overview: Horseback Riding Opportunities for Kids

Black horse at Golden Ridge Stables in Lakeville MN

The Twin Cities offers many opportunities for kids to go on a horseback ride and to get acquainted and comfortable with horses. There are a number of stables around the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro and Western Wisconsin.

I am always looking for a good opportunity to introduce my children to the sights, sounds, and smells of the country.

Twin Cities Horsemanship Opportunities

In 2013, I started researching the stables in the area. There are a lot of possibilities. Of the Stables I visited, there are pros and cons to each. The number one priority for every single stable was Safety. Wearing helmets is required for all students no matter where you choose to learn.

There are so many stables to choose from that if one doesn’t seem a good fit, in all likelihood, there is another to try. You need to be comfortable with the facility and the horses. You need to feel known and cared for. You need to be given the tools to be successful.

color boats at camp
Got Campers? Find Minnesota Summer Horseback Riding Camps Here.

East Metro Twin Cities Stables

Windy Ridge Ranch LLC

2700 Manning Ave. S. Woodbury, MN 55129-9256

Mark Ward was a powerhouse. Being that this was my first step into the horsemanship journey, I didn’t even know what questions to ask.  I was impressed by Mark’s hands-on approach and the different ways to be active in the equestrian world.  A unique feature was that during group activities, the rider could ride bareback, in a western saddle, or in a huntseat saddle (English).  It didn’t really matter as long as the rider was comfortable. Windy Ranch has a heated, indoor arena for year-round practice.

Saddle Room at Windy Ridge


North Metro Twin Cities Stables

Woodloch Stables

5676 170th Street North, Hugo, MN 55038

This was definitely the biggest operation that I visited. Over a hundred horses were either boarded, shown, or used for lessons. They teach all styles of Western and English riding including western pleasure, dressage, huntseat, jumping, eventing, games and trail riding sessions. Their facilities are huge and they host large events very often. They also offer lessons  at every skill level. Even the littlest ones in the family from ages 3-6 can start their first lesson. Woodloch is very proud of their pony program as they should be!

Shadow Creek Stables

6150 202nd St N, Forest Lake, MN 55025

Definitely the most picturesque of all the stables that I visited.  The Warmbloods and Quarterhorses and Thoroughbreds who live at Shadow Creek know they are safe, respected, and well cared for.  The horses are definitely the focus at Shadow Creek and everyone is a part of the family at Shadow Creek.

Hardwood Creek Farm

2306 80th St E Hugo, MN 55038

After visiting, I went home and told my husband that I think I found the place for our daughter to take lessons.  First of all, I was in love with their horses.  Second, I felt so at home with Colleen Wick.  Third, I felt it was a great fit for our family.  This is exactly what I want to happen for you.  I want to offer many different options to try.  And when you find your fit, you will know.

Bunker Park Stable

Bunker Hills Park Regional Park, 550 Bunker Lake Boulevard NW, Andover, MN 55304

Located in one of our favorite local parks, If you want to ride a horse and are over the age of 8, Bunker Park Stable is the place to go.  While they have a lesson program, this is the place to go in the Twin Cities for a trail ride. Reservations are required for a ride through the park or for a pony-led ride for you little one.  Enjoy a unique party experience or educate yourselves about the pioneers.  Bunker Park Stable has a lot to offer you and your family.

Three horses at Bunker Park Stables in Andover Minnesota
Bunker Park Stable

 Northwest Metro Twin Cities Stables

Davenport Stables

13351 South Diamond Lake Rd., Dayton, MN 55327
I would love to send you to Cheryl at Davenport Stables.  She understands the preciousness of your child.  She has this strong and gentle nature about her.  She loves her students and she loves her horses.  The focus at Davenport Stables is lessons and boarding.  This stable is not going to take you to major horse shows or events.  You will learn to read a horse and to partner with a horse or you can board your own horses.  I am positive that Cheryl can work with everyone.

South Metro Twin Cities Stables

Bob Jensen Stables:

19650 Judicial Road, Lakeville, MN 55044

Saddlebred stables are proud of their horses.  As they should be. They are magnificent creatures.  Bob Jensen Stables is no different.  They have over 20 lesson horses to use and a very high level of professionalism.  And they are very active in the horse show world.   Their horses will seriously weasel their way into your hearts, and you will gladly let them.

Golden Ridge Stables

 8315 190th St W, Lakeville, MN 55044

This was another stable that I felt right at home hanging out. Ann is so friendly and welcoming, and her instructors are personable and awesome.  The stalls are full of Arabians, their students are eager to learn, and the horses participate in all the fun activities at the stables including movies, Halloween dress-up, and the open house.

Children standing with horse at Golden Ridge Stables in Lakeville
Image courtesy of Golden Ridge Stable

Hippotherapy & Adaptive Programs

St. Croix Trail Blazers

6659 Jasmine Court North, Stillwater, MN 55082

This Adaptive Horseback Riding facility provides horse-assisted learning, riding, trainers, and competitive sports for kids ages 8 and older with special needs. They offer a safe learning environment through the adaptive equine experience.

We Can Ride

4301 County Rd 24, Maple Plain, MN 55359

We Can Ride is a nonprofit organization that offers sensory-friendly hours for individual on this autism spectrum or with other sensory needs. They also offer therapeutic horseback riding experience and therapies for individuals with physical disabilities.

“A horse’s gait, similar to the human walk, helps strengthen spine and pelvic muscles, improves posture and coordination, and increases joint mobility.”

We Can Ride 

Black horse at Golden Ridge Stables in Lakeville MN

Horsemanship is an amazing life skill. You are giving you and your child something bigger than both of you to experience, teaching your child responsibility and awareness and even compassion, and enjoying nature (in one way or another).  Lessons may seem a little pricey, but in reality, its very comparable to other sports and lessons.

You won’t regret giving your child an opportunity to learn horsemanship.  Now, it’s just about finding the right fit!

This article was originally published by Gianna Kordatzky on November 5, 2013.

Reader and Community Recommendations

While Gianna was not able to visit every stable during her 2013 research, we have had suggestions from readers and other community members over the years.  Try these Horseback Riding opportunities:

HHH Ranch

16032 180th St E, Hastings, MN 55033
32443 64th Ave Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009
Phone: (651) 338-2792

Majestic Hills Ranch

24580 Dakota Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: (952) 426-5688

River Valley Ranch

16480 Jonathan Carver Pkwy, Carver, MN 55315
Phone: (952) 361-3361

River Valley Riders

Tamarack Village, 8362 Tamarack Village, Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: (651) 439-2558

There are many benefits to Equestrianism in the lives of children – both for their physical and emotional health.

  • Lifetime of Year Round Health and Fitness.  Riding a horse works your core, your quads, and your cardiovascular system.   You develop balance, strength, and muscle control.
  • Respect and Responsibility.  Children (and adults) learn to care for  a large animal and to respect them without being afraid of them.
  • Perspective.  Teenagers tend to get distracted by their friends and romantic endeavors.  A commitment to a horse is going to teach more about loyalty, integrity, honesty, follow through, empathy, compassion, and trust than any girlfriend or boyfriend would.  And it could potentially keep them above the social drama that can be so detrimental to them.
  • Discipline and Focus. Horsemanship develops self discipline and systematic thinking, progressive training and helps with academics
  • Courage and Self-Esteem. When you are confident on the back of a horse and can be under control, nothing can stop you.  Your child will know that he can do anything he puts his mind to.



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