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Golden Valley Parks are open from sunrise to 10:00 p.m.

Not quite the sprawling National Park, Golden Valley’s Yosemite Park  is a small neighborhood park with amenities for families that include playground equipment, trails for walking, lighted game squares, and sports fields and courts. In the winter, the city maintains an outdoor skating rink. This park offers only street parking.

Summer Fun at Yosemite Park

In the summer, this small park packs in several options for families to have fun together.

  1. Climb and run on the play structure together. Or, just let the kids run and climb while you read a book. See a photo here.
  2. Dribble and shoot on the park’s basketball court. Bring your own ball.
  3. Run the bases on the softball field, bring your bat and ball for a little practice, or bring a playground ball to play kickball.
  4. Challenge your kids to schoolyard games on the game squares. These are lighted, so you can even play at dusk.
  5. Take a Stroll along the trails.

Winter at Yosemite ParkWinter Fun at Yosemite Park

Weather permitting, the city maintains several Outdoor Skating Rinks, including Yosemite. This location does not offer a warming facility. Anne has gathered all the details at Skate the Twin Cities: Where To Find Free Outdoor Ice Rinks.

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