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City of Crystal
Little Free Library
6100 Kentucky Avenue North, Crystal, MN, USA
Admission: $0.00
North Lions Park is open from sunrise to 10 pm (City Code, 815.05)

North Lions Park in Crystal is a 20-acre community park with  family-friendly amenities that include a playground, a Little Free Library, paved walking paths and sport courts and fields. In the winter it offers skating and sledding with a warming house and restrooms.

8 Games to Play with a Playground Ball at North Lions Park

Bring a playground ball to this park, and you’ll find no end of fun activities to play.

  1. Kickball. Kickball is played on a baseball diamond, but the pitcher rolls the ball and a kicker kicks the ball. Otherwise, the rules are similar to baseball.  In this game, it is okay to throw the ball at the player to get them out. Find the rules here.
  2. Sepak Takraw. This sport from Southeast Asia can be played on a tennis court with a playground ball. Like soccer, players can’t use their hands. Like volleyball teams volley the ball across a net. Find the rules here.
  3. Dodge Ball. With plenty of grassy areas, there is room to play a good game of dodge ball at this park. 10 Easy Dodgeball Rules.
  4. Extreme Playground Dodgeball. It probably won’t surprise you that this game was made up by a dad.  Dad runs all over the playground equipment while the kids try to beam him with the playground ball. Watch the video here.
  5. HORSE. In HORSE a player makes a basket and then the rest of the players have to make that exact shot – same place, same style. Find the Rules Here.
  6. Volleyball. The park has a volleyball court. Although a playground ball is going to be a little bouncier than a volleyball, you can still have a fun game.  Find the game rules here.
  7. Gagaball.  The park has a gaga pit.  This is another version of dodgeball, but it is played in a pit. Since players are aiming below the knees, it is a good game to play with smaller kids.  Find the rules of play here.
  8. Rolling. This park has a beautiful mound in the middle of green space that is used for sledding in the winter but begs to be rolled down in the summer. Roll the ball down the hill and try to follow it with your own roll down the hill.

We have a few more anywhere ball games in our article, 60 Fun Outdoor Games for Kids.

Winter in North Lions Park

This park is is one of three parks in Crystal with an outdoor ice rink that provides a warming house (with restrooms) and supervision. It also maintains a hockey rink, updated in 2020. Crystal maintains its rinks from mid-December through mid-February, weather and ice conditions permitting.

This park also has a sledding hill recommended by the City of Crystal. During open times, the warming house is available to sledders as well.

Birthday Parties and Picnics

This park has a shelter available to be rented for birthday parties and other private events. The shelter holds up to 50 people and contains a charcoal grill. Rental rates depend on the day of the week and residency status. Find up-to-date information and pricing here.

North Lions Park Shelter
Image courtesy of City of Crystal.

Updates to the Park:

In 2020, the City of Crystal is updating this park, renovations will include:

  • Replacing the old rinks with a concrete surface hockey rink
  • Adding a dasher board system and LED lighting
  • Updates to the park building/warming house

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