Hang Out With the Vulcans at Snow Park at the Fair

Despite the bone-chilling temps the last couple years, I took the kids out to the Winter Carnival Snow Park at the Fair to change their minds about the St. Paul Vulcans. See, the little ones had always been wary of that wailing fire truck. Not to mention the red-cloaked men who once tried to ambush their mother at a parade in order to paint a huge black V on her cheek. I was willing to forgive and forget because the Krewe are the ones responsible for reviving the Minnesota State Snow Sculpting Competition and organizing a super fun Snow Park at the Fair around it.
Here's how the St. Paul Vulcans managed to win the hearts of my three girls

Here’s how the St. Paul Vulcans managed to win the hearts of my three girls (and why we’ll be back at the Vulcan Fun Day this Sunday):

  • There was hot chocolate. Technically, it was not VULCAN hot chocolate, but it was served in a warm tent, we were desperately cold, and a tableful of Vulcans shared their space and had my girls flashing the “V” in no time.
  • The fire truck rides were a hit this year! Even the youngest had tobe carried back to the car fussing for a second ride (which we would have taken again, on a loop around the Fairgrounds, if the windchill hadn’t been biting those baby cheeks).
  • Our young ones loved scrambling through the snow for prizes during the mini-medallion hunt and navigating the snow maze. Hope to see these again this year!
  • Do not miss the SNOW SLIDE! Unless your kids are under age 4 and even then, they ought to be on the hardy side (that’s my own then-4-year-old holding on for dear life below). There is a charge of $2 per ride on the slide – and I guarantee they’ll want to ride more than once.

hold onto your hats!

  • Finally, cast your vote for your favorite snow sculpture in the People’s Choice Awards. My girls favored the ogres last year. What’s taking shape on the Fairgrounds right now? Come out to the Snow Park and find out!  And one more great reason to bundle up and visit the Vulcans? Admission is FREE.

Snow Sculptures and Vulcans at the Winter Carnival

Vulcan Fun Day at the Snow Park at the Fair
Minnesota State Fairgrounds Kidway
Sunday, January 28, 2018 • 11am – 3pm
FREE admission – charge for snow slide ($2) and concessions for purchase



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