Preschool Open Gym at Gleason’s Gymnastic School

Collage of Preschool Open Gym at Gleason's Gymnastics School in Minnesota

Attention all parents of preschoolers who are, due to the recent bone-chilling temps, using your couches as trampolines: I’ve got a MUCH better spot in mind for them to let out that pent-up energy. A preschool open gym with REAL trampolines those little monkeys are actually encouraged to bounce on. Not to mention the bars, ropes and flying trapeze to swing from. And, perhaps best of all, the sea of foam blocks your tireless tyke can hurtle him or herself into until they are all but begging to take a nap. (Oh, that really got your attention, there, didn’t it?). This place, this godsend in the winter months, is called Gleason’s Gymnastic School and they host a wonderful Preschool Open Gym program twice a week at their Eagan location. As I am now down to one preschooler at home, we aren’t as faithful to the gym as when I had three kids under five years bouncing off my walls (plus, at $10 per family, I got some major bang for my buck back then!) but we’ll still head over a few times a year when the couch needs a break.

Gleason’s Gymnastic School Preschool Open Gym

Hours: Wednesdays & Fridays, 9:30-11:30am
Cost: Pre-Register: $8 per child or $10 per family; At the Door: At the door: $10/child; $15/family
Ages: Infant to kindergarten age only, please. For a complete list of Open Gym times, click here.
More details: Most of the Open Gym is unstructured play time for kids to bounce, navigate obstacle courses, and explore much of the gymnastic school equipment. A group “circle time” is held each session for simple stretches and games. Professional staff are on hand to assist and play with the kids, but parents are required to supervise their children while in the gym, and a waiver must be filled out once per school year before the kids are allowed to participate. You can download the waiver at Gleason’s website.

We offer a giant list of places where you can spend extra energy indoors:
Twin Cities Open Gyms & Open Play Spots to take your toddlers and preschoolers.

Oplen Play, Gymnastic & Swim Spots for Tots in the Twin Cities, Minnesota - Family Fun Twin Cities

Gleason’s Gymnastic School Location :

Gleason’s Gymnastic School is located at 2015 Silver Bell Rd. Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55122. Note: Gleason’s Gymnastics Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove locations are both closed.

More Open Gym Options

Grade School & Teen Open Gym

Hours: Fridays, 4:30pm-6:45pm
Cost: Pre-Register: $15; At the Door: $17
Ages: 6-18.
More details: School-aged kids an teens (Ages 6-18) are invited to attend Open Gym on Fridays. This is a chance for the bigger kids to practice gymnastics including use of the trampoline and bars and space to practice tumbling. There is also a jump pit.

Adult Open Gym

Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm
Cost: Pre-Register: $15; At the Door: $17
Ages: 18+.
More details: Why let the kids have all the fun, adults can make use of the gym on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Gleason’s Gymnastic Birthday Parties

Book some private open gym time for a birthday party.  We share Gleason’s birthday party details in our annual Twin Cities Birthday Parties for Kids: Active Play &  Sports.


Published on: Jan 14, 2015
by Anne Kingston
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