Minnesota Lice Lady Removes More Than Nits


In our first installment of “What to do if …..Series,” we are focusing on lice.  Why?  Because it is my nightmare, and our family just went through this experience.  What I thought would be a catastrophe, turned out to be not that big of a deal.

I know what you’re thinking, and I thought the same thing.  But really, all the pain and disgust turned into curiosity and fascination thanks all to the Minnesota Lice Lady.  We even walked away from this experience with smiles on our faces.

Here’s our story.

An Introduction to Minnesota Lice Lady

It was the last night of our family reunion.


We had just had an incredible and emotional day with our family at Camp Mone’to in Nashville, Indiana.  The week had been full of memories including rock climbing, archery, swimming, family games, ping pong, Foosball, talking, laughing, eating, campfires, contests.  I could go on.

Our particular family had bunked with 4 other families in the Green Lodge; girls on one side and boys on the other.  And we had had so much fun.  We were getting sad about leaving, giving hugs goodbye to those heading out super early in the morning.

Trudging back to our lodge after dark, I was greeted on the deck, “Gianna, can you stay out here a minute?”

I got super nervous.  What happened?  My first thought was that someone was hurt or that someone had been caught doing something really naughty.  But that wasn’t it.

“Tim (name changed to protect the innocent), just called to say that he found that his girls all have lice.”




Deep Breath.

“Okay.  What should we do?”

“We gotta check everyone’s heads. And then figure it out.”

And so we did.  The boys were all sleeping on their side of the lodge, so we started looking through the girls’ hair.  Lo and behold, “She’s got a bug!”

No!  It was my daughter’s head.  So I checked my other daughter and found what I thought were nits.  So after some incredibly tense moments of moms freaking out and husbands trying to calm us, we decided that all we could do was go to bed and deal with it in the morning.  However, before I went to bed, I made some appointments.

Six to be exact.

With Minnesota Lice Lady.

Road Trip

After a 12 hour drive home when all I could think about was creepy crawlies, we made it home.  One more night and the next morning, we got in our car and made our way to Edina just off France Avenue.

LiceIn an unassuming building with a very small sign, Gonne Asser, the CEO, found a perfect location for Minnesota Lice Lady next to a dentist office.  So if people notice you crossing the street, they may think you are going to the dentist.

That’s not so bad, right?

LiceWhen we walked into the salon, we noticed several rooms with technicians wearing headlamps and carefully combing through their clients’ hair, strand by strand. Each room is outfitted with a TV and movies, chairs for the whole family and activities to pass the time.

We were welcomed kindly and shown to the waiting area.  It wasn’t long after that we were ushered into our room.  The ladies who were head checking us got right to work, dutifully searching our with the Terminator Nit Free Comb.

For Chris and the boys, it was fairly simple.  Chris’s hair is super short and the boys’ hair is not much longer.  Basically, they got an extreme head scratch.


LiceAfter I was cleared, we only had the girls to treat.  Minnesota Lice Lady treated their hair with an enzyme based shampoo and looked at every last strand of hair on their heads.

While it was extremely comforting to see them at work, what was the most comforting was all the information they told us.  We had read most of what they told us online, but there is something completely different about looking someone in the eye and having them answer your questions to your face.

Morgan, Yajara, and Liz were pleasant, diligent and methodical workers, and full of information.

We watched movies, colored, doodled, chatted.  It was a very pleasant experience.

We scheduled a second head check for 3-7 days later for the girls only.  And we were on our way.  5 days later, Sarai checked their heads and found us all clear.Lice

It was that simple!

Top Three Lice Myths that I Believed

Myth Fact
Lice jump, fly, hop from people, animals, or environment onto your head.  Head lice can only crawl (not fly) from human head to human head.
Lice is easy to get.  A study was done and only 7.1% of hair to hair transmission attempts worked.
If one person has lice, you should treat the entire family. Doing correct head checks on all family members is crucial, treating all to be safe is any unnecessary waste of time and energy.


Click here for full list of facts from MN Lice Lady

LiceMinnesota Lice Lady has a 60 day guarantee that begins the day of the 2nd head check. The guarantee alone is worth the price of treatment.

When it was all said and done, our family paid just a little over $200 to alleviate this potential nightmare.  During that 12 hour drive, I was feeling the hopeless vibes radiating from my body.

But thanks to the service and care of Minnesota Lice Lady, the nightmare was only a figment of my imagination, and we were able to move on with our lives quickly.


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