Laurie Berkner Live in Concert

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I learned about Laurie Berkner through my public library and one of my favorite local librarians.  At first, I wasn’t too sure if I would like her.

A lady.

Playing a guitar.

And singing.

That sounds, um, boring.  Yeah, that’s the word.

Except for the fact that that she’s a lady who plays the guitar and sings!

To top it all off, she writes really fun songs.  About chickens and the rain and an airplane and cookie bakers and playing pretend and so much more. Each song tells a story and there’s always movement.  Even if it’s not specified, her music is easy to dance to–for everyone.  Take it from a non-dancer, you will be dancing!  Just watch this video with your little one and I dare you to NOT be a dinosaur.

She is so much fun, and she is coming to the Twin Cities in October.

Beth El Synagogue has invited Laurie to hold a concert in their synagogue as a fundraiser for their Preschool Tuition Assistance program.  100% of the proceeds–that means every cent you pay–will be added to the preschool fund for families who need help to send their children to  Beth El Aleph Preschool.  The preschool serves not only the families of the Beth El Community but also those in the area–St. Louis Park and beyond.

Family Fun Twin Cities is excited to partner with Beth El Synagogue.  We love Laurie Berkner, and this concert is will be the perfect setting for a family with little ones. Beth El is keeping it small for the younger crowd.

Please join us on Sunday, October 26, 2014 for this family concert and enjoy dancing and singing with your littles ones.  Hurry, though, tickets are going fast!

The Scoop

Sunday, October 26, 2014, 11:15am

Beth El Synagogue in Saint Louis Park

5225 Barry Street West


Ticket Info:
$100VIP MEET AND GREET RECEPTIONOnce in a Lifetime Opportunity! Includes one premium ticket with special, upfront assigned seating and admission to a small private VIP Meet and Greet with Laurie Berkner after the concert. $82 is tax deductible.*
 $36PRIORITY GENERAL ADMISSIONOne general admission ticket in the forward half of the venue. $18 is tax deductible.*
 $18GENERAL ADMISSIONOne general admission ticket in the rear half of the venue.
1 year old and under can attend FREE sitting on the laps of accompanying adults

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