March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With OutingsMy 10-year-old complained about the number of books I have been checking out, so I have shortened my March Library List. Apparently, I was so excited by our newly discovered mutual interest in middle-grade novels, that she hasn’t had time to read the books she picks out. That’s fair; my parents weren’t picking out my reading material at ten. I am going to try to limit my monthly lists to 10 items and keep the majority for the younger kids. These are my March picks.

*I am using our Amazon affiliate links instead of linking to one library among the several Twin Cities libraries our readers patronize, but I always check Hennepin County Library for availability

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings1.)  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I am still waiting for my copy of Labyrinth that I ordered to commemorate David Bowie last month. This month, I want to introduce my children to Harper Lee and To Kill A Mockingbird. This might be a bit lofty. Common Sense Media ranks this book at 12+; so I will be treading lightly, and I’ll put it aside if I see eyes glazing over. CSM also recommends the 1962 film as an accompaniment to the book. Both the book and film are available through the library.

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings2.)  Baseball Coaching: Backyard Baseball Drills

The Minnesota Twins Home Opener is coming up quickly — April 11th. This means very little to me; however, I have two highly energetic boys who need new and exciting ways to burn off that energy. So, I thought this year I could introduce them to several sports and see if they gravitate toward any. I liked the trailer for this video. The activities seemed doable and fun. These drills are meant for ages 8-14, however, I think if some of them are made less drill-like they can be modified for younger children.

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings4.) Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney (Or whatever sequel my kid is on)

I’m not breaking my promise to limit the big kid books, because this is one of her picks, not mine. I’m not a huge fan of this style, but the important thing is that she inhales these books, laughs out loud, and then insists on reading portions to the family. The Wimpy Kid books were the breakthrough that got my non-reader reading. For that, I will be forever grateful. On April 12th, Diary of a Wimpy Kid opens at Children’s Theatre. You can bet this will be a mommy/big kid date. The book is aimed at children ages 8-12. The play is recommended for all ages.

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings5.) I Love You, Stinky Face
by Lisa McCourt

For the younger set, I hope to pair the book and the Stages production of I Love You, Stinky Face, opening April 15th. This book is for 4-8 year old children and the play is all ages.

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings6.) The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and 7.) Disney’s animated The Jungle Book

We bought this book at Children’s Theatre this fall and have yet to sit down and read it together. The book is recommended for 8+, but I think as a read-out-loud and in combination with the movies (and last fall’s CTC production), I’ll be comfortable going younger. The animated movie is recommended for 4+.  All of this is in anticipation of the upcoming Disney live action Jungle Book, due out April 15th. That movie is rated PG, however, parts of it look scary, so I’ll be holding out to read reviews before I take all my kids to see it.

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings8.) Can You Canoe? A Mississippi River Adventure Album (CD+DVD) and 9.) Through the Woods: An Appalachian Adventure Album by The Okee Dokee Brothers

We love these movies, and I believe they are currently still on Netflix, but you can get them from the library, too. I love the way they encourage getting outdoors and into nature. For this reason, I think they would pair well with the Outdoor Family Expo at the Maplewood Community Center. This is coming up on April 16th and looks like a good way to get the family hyped for getting outside this spring and summer.

March Library List – 10 Books and Videos to Pair With Outings10.)  Theatre Of Wonder: 25 Years in the Heart of the Beast

This is a book I’ve been wanting to check out for myself, but the photos make it something I can read while I have a toddler on my lap and a preschooler bouncing around behind me. Now is a good time to read it, because workshops for the MayDay Parade start in April. If you have ever wanted to participate in the annual MayDay Parade, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre has free workshops for you to make your own floats.

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As mentioned above, the links are affiliate links to our Amazon store, but these items can be found at the library.


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