BookHounds March Family Book List

Introducing our new monthly feature: Book Hounds Monthly Reads, a family book list.

As book lovers, FFTC developed the Book Hounds Family Book Club to pair families with books that we have found completely enjoyable and/or emotionally moving. We have hosted and will continue to host events throughout the year for kids to meet their favorite local authors.  But we wanted to do more.

Book Hounds Family Book List Starting Today

Each month you can plan to find a compiled book list of our favorites we have personally read and recommend.

This list is good for the whole family. Therefore, we will include picture books, middle grade novels, young adult novels, and adult fiction and nonfiction.  Why?  Because whenever I am searching for books on Pinterest or Instagram or even in the library, I’m looking for books for me and the rest of my family!  So we thought since our site is about families, let’s make a family book list.

While we can’t promise that each category will be represented each month, we will do our best.
On to the books!

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Picture Books

The first category on the Book Hounds Family Book List must be picture books.  We would have it no other way.

Croc and Ally
Croc and Ally

Croc and Ally Friends Forever by Derek Anderson
Croc and Ally Fun, Fun Fun!

This silly duo of books reminds me of Ella and Penguin, Frog and Toad, or even Bert and Ernie.  It’s not considered an easy-reader, but it’s a very easy read. Not many words on a page and lots of fun illustrations make this an engaging book for new readers and for everyone else. In both books, be on the lookout for Derek Anderson on one of the pages and a tower as well.

Croc and TurtleCroc and Turtle by Mike Wohnoutka

Another book about being friends with a crocodile.  This friendship is a little different because in this story Croc is the happy-go-lucky friend and Turtle wants to be there for him. I love Mike Wohnoutka’s pictures because they add so much to the story. We visually see how hopeful Croc is and how supportive Turtle is.

Small Walt and Mo the TowSmall Walt and Mo the Tow by Elizabeth Verdick

Small Walt gets stuck and has to rely on a friendly hand to help him out.  Introducing Mo the Tow. Elizabeth Verdick’s rhymes and prose are delightful. This is the second book featuring Small Walt. 

Elizabeth Verdick is the mastermind behind many of the Best Behavior Series of books including Teeth Are Not For Biting and Feet Are Not For Kicking.

Best Friends in the Universe by Hector and LouieBest Friends in the Universe by Hector and Louie (and Stephanie Watson)

Whether it’s between crocodiles and turtles, crocodiles and alligators, or trucks and drivers, friendship is always a great basis for a story. Why?  Because the best stories have conflict and even the best friendships has conflict.  We see this in our last picture book about Hector and Louie.

Hector and Louie are the BEST FRIENDS IN THE UNIVERSE, but even they can hurt each others’ feelings. It’s quite entertaining to watch the boys work through their misunderstandings and mistakes,  feeling all the feelings but also realizing what is most important.

Middle Grade Fiction

I think my favorite category on our family book list is middle grade fiction because well-written middle grade fiction is enjoyed by all ages.  As a read aloud for your younger kids and as a fun story to enjoy with your teens, spouse, or even book club.

The Rise and Fall of Mount MajesticThe Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic by Jennifer Trafton

Persimmony Smudge lives with her mother and Prunella in a cottage outside the village by Mount Majestic.  Persimmony is very curious and a little disobedient, but her exceedingly crabby mama still loves her. Persimmony’s dad disappeared ages ago and no one knows what happened to him.  

In this imaginative world, we are introduced to Rumblebumps and Leafeaters and a whole cast of hilarious characters.

This fun adventure story is a fantastic read aloud and a fantastic introduction to fantasy.  Thanks so much to Read Aloud Revival for this recommendation.

Digging Up DangerDigging Up Danger by Jacqueline West, in conjunction with The StoryPirates

Mysterious happenings are occurring at Carroll’s Gardens in New York City, where Eliza Stahl and her mother go for the summer.  Because her mother is a respected botanist, she is tasked with identifying unusual exotic plants. All Eliza wants to do is find a ghost.

Not only is it a fun story to read, but the 2nd half of the book is a mystery writing manual.  Throughout the story, there are notes that direct you to a certain page in the manual that helps you to develop your own mystery.

Digging Up Danger  is a kind-of spooky, quirky, funny story.  I wasn’t expecting what I read, and it was absolutely delightful!  I love what the Story Pirates make happen and how they expose and teach us all about the craft of storytelling.

Where the Mountain Meets the MoonWhere the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

Written as a folktale, this story is about Minli who wants to change her family’s fortune. She goes on a journey to meet the Old Man in the Moon.  

This is a simply written tale,  perfect for children who are getting their feet wet in longer novels than The Magic Tree House.  It also is good for kids who  need a deeper story to read.

Adult Fiction

I can’t believe that I only have one adult fiction book on this month’s family book list since I usually tear through adult fiction.

the Tattooist of auschwitzThe Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

Based on a true story, Lale is a Jew from Slovakia who ends up unknowingly volunteering to go to Auschwitz to protect his family. Which, as we know, ultimately doesn’t work. Lale receives an “elite” job as the Tattooist and is given “perks” that other prisoners don’t. But he also risks his life by using his knowledge of languages and charming personality to get supplies smuggled in and around the camp.

I had so many thoughts while I read this story.  It reminded me of Unbroken and how the human spirit is capable of so much more than we can imagine.

Adult Nonfiction

I didn’t expect so many nonfiction books on our first Family Book List, but here you are!

Take HeartTake Heart by Matt Chandler

I am a Bible-believing Christian, so sometimes I read books about my faith. If you are not interested in the Christian faith, you can skip this review. I  urge you, however, not to do that.

In this short book, Matt Chandler explains that we should take courage in our culture.  Where do we find real courage and how do we live by it?


I can only imagineI Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard

This is the story behind the song “I Can Only Imagine” which is one of my favorite songs of all time.  I listened to it on audio book read by the author.

This book was a perfect audio book because the tone of the book is so conversational. 
The story is powerful!  It’s moving and perfect on audio.


This Audio Book is Safe for Young Ears!

Tell Me MoreTell Me More, Stories About the 12 Hardest Things I’m Learning to Say by Kelly Corrigan

A memoir about life and loss, Kelly is very real about her everyday life and the biggest losses she has experienced.

The book is raw and real, feeling all the feels and caring when you just don’t think you can anymore.

I disregarded this book because I didn’t like the cover, but when Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy recommends a book, I usually am pleased. Then, I downloaded it on my phone and couldn’t STOP reading it.


Our family book list makes connecting with your family a priority.  Books safely teach about relationships and the strength of the human spirit.  We hope you find something on this list that strengthens your relationships and gives you hope.  And a few giggles.

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