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Giant Baseball Glove at Target Field
1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN 55403
1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS
Admission: $30.00
Tickets $12+ (average $30, but vary by seat, game, etc.)
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Concessions Available
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Target Field is the Twin’s Stadium in downtown Minneapolis. It begins the west end of the Green Line light rail line. Visiting with kids can be a great family outing. But parents have questions:

We answer these questions and more below. Scroll down to find more details

10 Ideas to Make a Twins Game with Kids More Fun

  1. Play some baseball together in the week leading up to game day and maybe read some books or watch a movie about baseball to get your kids excited about the sport.
  2. Print out these Scavenger Hunt Sheets and pack a pen. There are more activities at this page that kids may enjoy at home.
  3. Kids need snacks. Either pack or plan to buy food at the game. As I mention below, you can bring in a small, soft-sided cooler.  If you choose to do this, you might want to pack traditional ballfield food – cracker jacks, peanuts, even hot dogs.
  4. Wear the apparel of your favorite team – The Twins. If you don’t have a jersey or hoodie, just dress in red, white & blue and a baseball cap. We also like to comb thrift stores for Twins gear from the 1987 World Series and remake them into kids gear. When choosing clothing, don’t forget to think about Minnesota weather. Sometimes you need sunblock, sunglasses and a baseball cap. Other times you’ll be glad to have a winter hat and gloves.
  5. Bring your baseball gloves. With bigger kids, you may want to sit near first or third plate, where the chances of catching a foul ball are better.
  6. Find the play area early if you have toddlers or little kids who need to move, getting seats in or near Section 229 (Home Run Porch) will situate you right next to the play area. There is also a nearby family restroom in Section 238 (near the Grandstand Bleachers).
  7. Explore the public art. There are so many cool sculptures and other art throughout the stadium. It is fun to seek them out.
  8. Sing along, play along and fully embrace the fun around you. Call out the player names as they go up to bat, especially if your child can’t read yet.
  9. Explain the game as you go. If you don’t know baseball well, now is a good time to learn, so you can keep you child engaged with play-by-play narration. For really little kids, point out home plate, so they know where to watch the action.
  10. Don’t be afraid to leave early. I know you spent a lot of money on these tickets and you want to see the game, but raising baseball fans can be a long game, and it is best not to burn them out before they are big enough to really have a good time.

Target Field Polices, Rules and Kid-Friendly Amenities

Below, we have gathered some of the Target Field’s policies and information that are of most concern to families with small children who are preparing for game day:

Target Field Mickey Mouse

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Birthday Parties at Target Field

Located in Target Field’s lower level, adjacent to the right field foul pole, the Great Clips Great Seats is an ideal location for groups looking for a traditional ballpark experience, with the comforts of a social atmosphere. With great flexibility regarding the size of group (minimum of 25) it’s the perfect locale for celebrating birthdays.

Free Stuff For Kids:

Freebies: Check the Promotions Schedule for Gate Giveaways. We’ve received some really great Twins items at the gate. The year we got knit caps, they came in handy! We still use them.

Photos with the Mascot: Kids can get their picture taken with T.C., the Twins’ mascot, at the 3rd inning of every game. Line up at T.C.’s Clubhouse (the playground near section 229).

Publications: My husband loves to reminisce about keeping scorecards with his dad. Be sure to pick one up for free throughout Target Field.

Not Free, But Fun: If your kids LOVE Twins Baseball, consider signing them up for T.C. Sluggers Kids Club. A $30 annual membership includes special extras (like t-shirts, lunch bags and lanyards), discounts and access to exclusive T.C. Sluggers Kids Club events.

Children’s Admission/Tickets for Twins Games

The Minnesota Twins offer complimentary admission to children less than 30″ in height for regular season games, provided they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. These children must sit on the lap of the accompanying adult and not occupy an additional seat. All guests in attendance for a post-season game are required to have a valid ticket, regardless of age.

Target Field

Sundays are Kids Days at Target Field

Sunday Kids Days are back again in 2024. Just inside Gate 34, you’ll find the Bullseye Kids Zone, where families can play lawn games, take a photo inside a baseball card, have their face painted and enjoy kid-friendly fun. Find 2024 Family Day Tickets Here.

Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are located on the Main Concourse at sections 111, 123, 132, 134, as well as across from the camera platform above centerfield; in the Grandstand section 238; on the Suite Concourse near Suite 14 and Skyline Suite 2; and on the Terrace Concourse at sections 208, 214, and 220. If a more private environment is desired, please visit the nearest Guest Service Center.

TC’s Clubhouse Playground

Target Field Play Area

TC’s Clubhouse is a small play area available indoors and away from the elements for children 48 inches tall and shorter. Find it on the club level near section 229. All kids can meet here to get their picture taken with TC at the third inning. There is nice seating for parents all around the structure and there are nearby restrooms.

Nursing Mothers

Mothers of newborns in need of private accommodations while nursing are welcome to do so at any Guest Service Center (near sections 113 and 204). But also, according to Minn. Stat. Sec. 145.905. “A mother may breastfeed in any location, public or private, where the mother and child are otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.” and Minn. Stat. Sec 617.23, subd. 4. “It is not a violation of [indecent exposure laws] for a woman to breastfeed.” So feel free to nurse wherever you are comfortable.

Baby Changing Stations

Baby changing tables are available in all restrooms and family restrooms. Family restrooms are located on the Main Concourse at sections 111, 123, 132, 134, as well as across from the camera platform above centerfield; in the Grandstand section 238; on the Suite Concourse near Suite 14 and Skyline Suite 2; and on the Terrace Concourse at sections 208, 214, and 220. If a more private environment is desired, please visit the nearest Guest Service Center.

Target Field Statue of Liberty

What Can I bring to Target Field?

Purses, Bags and Backpacks

Target Field allows soft-sided purses, bag, backpacks and other containers that are smaller than 16″ by 16″ by 8″. (Remember a sheet of paper is 8 1/2 x 11, so that is a good measurement tool if you are unsure.) Security has the right to inspect your bags and containers as you are walking in, but I’ve rarely had this done and it was a quick peak. For more detailed information on what can be brought into Target Field see Entry Guidelines.

Fans can now keep personal items such as a cell phone, keys, wallet, clutch, etc. in their pockets while going through security at all Target Field gates.

Are Strollers Allowed at Target Field?

Yes. Guests can bring their own foldable strollers, but target field rules prohibit blocking aisles or interfering with the movements of other guests. This is a great time to pull out the cheap umbrella stroller. Once in the stadium, you will be asked to leave your stroller at the base of the 200 seating section nearest to your seat. Target Field does not rent strollers to guests, so if you want one, you will need to bring your own.

Get a Picture with Mickey at the Twins Game

Outside Food Policy

  • Coolers
    Same as with purses, keep your cooler 16″ by 16″ by 8″ or smaller and soft-sided and be able to fit under your seat. Hard-sided coolers are not allowed in the ballpark. Security has the right to remove any package or container or their contents.
  • Beverages
    Sealed water and children’s drinks only. Sealed, bottled water 32 oz. or less, and soft sided single juice or milk containers for children are the only outside beverages permitted into Target Field. Flavored water, performance beverages (Gatorade, Powerade, etc) are NOT permitted into Target Field. Guests may bring liquids required for legitimate medical purposes into Target Field. I do bring in my empty water bottle because there are filling stations tucked near some of the restrooms. If you really want a flavored drink, you could probably bring in individual powder packets, like Gatorade.
  • Food
    Woo hoo! Target Field allows outside food as long as items are consumed in the general seating areas. Outside food cannot be brought into any restaurant, club lounge or suite. If you are bringing apples or oranges, slice or section them. Foods that could be thrown as a projectile could be confiscated.

Inside Food Deals

  • Obviously, any food you purchase inside the stadium is permitted in the stands. These are some of the best deals:
    • If you don’t want to carry in food, but want to stay in budget, note that Twin’s Dogs are $1.00 on Wednesdays! This is a better price than popcorn (which isn’t too bad either).
    • You’ll get scalped on beer and pop, which you can’t carry in, but see the Beverage policy on how to make drinks more affordable, too.
    • Kids Meals are $8.00 (except Sundays when they are half price) and include a hot dog, choice of apple sauce or chips and choice of milk, soda or juice box, activities and crayons.
    • Concession stands located near sections 133 and 327 have added family-friendly value-priced menu including $5 Budweisers; $4 hot dogs, and $2 pops.
    • Pick seats in the alcohol-free family section, and get a free hot dog and pop with your seat!

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Twins Game at Target Field

What is NOT allowed in Target field?

Find a list of what is not allowed in the ballpark here. While these are mostly logical, this is a good list to check, because if you have to hand an item over at the gate, you won’t get it back.

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