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262 University Ave West Saint Paul, MN 55103
(651) 292-4381
Hours of Operation:
Mon. Closed
Tue. 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM
Wed. 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM
Thu. 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM
Fri. 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM
Sat. Closed
Sun. Closed
Public Hours: Tue-Fri, 10:00AM-4:30PM

Imagine a place where artists of all kinds, from painters and musicians to dancers and actors, can come together to learn, grow, and share their talents with the world. That’s Springboard for the Arts! This Saint Paul non-profit is like a giant toolbox filled with resources and opportunities to help artists turn their dreams into reality.

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Think of it like a jungle gym for creativity, where kids of all ages can climb, swing, and explore different art forms. There are workshops to teach you new skills, like how to make a clay sculpture dance or paint a story with music. There are even special spaces where artists can get help with the grown-up stuff, like finding funding for their projects or starting their own art business.

Family Friendly Community Events

Springboard for the Arts isn’t just about artists. It’s also about bringing the magic of art to everyone. They work with parks, schools and communities host art festivals, concerts, and other events that let everyone enjoy the beauty and power of creativity.

Performing Arts

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So, whether you’re a budding artist with a paintbrush in your hand or just someone who loves to be around amazing things, Springboard for the Arts is a place for you. It’s a place where imagination takes flight, where dreams come true, and where everyone can be a part of something special.

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