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Flyover America
FlyOver America, Center Court, Bloomington, MN, USA, Mall of America
Admission: $19.99
Admission is $19.99 13+ and $15.99 up to 12.
Hours of Operation:
Mon. 10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Tue. 10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Wed. 10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Thu. 10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Fri. 10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Sat. 10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Sun. 10:30 AM – 07:00 PM

My family recently had an opportunity to try out Flyover America at the Mall of America. This  fully immersive flight experience uses flight-ride technology to take participants on an aerial tour of some of the nation’s most popular landmarks and spectacular sights. Riders are suspended 10 to 40 feet in the air above a large dome screen as they fly above landmarks of the United States. Unlike other big-screen experiences, this one involves all five senses.  At times you will feel wind and mist and smell the aroma of the meadows and flowers. You’ll even feel temperature changes.

Flyover America
This picture (courtesy of Flyover America) does not do the ride justice.

My boys have been really into planes this summer, so I was looking forward to taking them on this ride. Unfortunately, only one of them met the height requirements, but he thoroughly enjoyed himself. The ride may have been too intense for a four-year-old anyway.

Things We Liked About Flyover America

  • It was really fun. Everyone loved it from 6 to adult.
  • Everything was well organized, so we always felt safe and knew what was going on.
  • The staff was courteous and pleasant.
  • The seats were comfortable for the entire 20 minute ride.
  • The visuals were amazing. Nothing seemed to distort – like it sometimes does on bigger screens.
  • You would have to crane your neck around to find a dead spot.
  • The seats moved forward and backward and side to side to give a complete flying experience.
  • The added senses of smell and feel were fun additions.
  • This could be a really fun treat for a kid who likes to play super hero.

Downsides of Flyover America

  • The intro was kind of hokey. It got the message across, but it had an “after school special” sort of feel.
  • The 20 minutes was over too fast.
  • We would have liked it if there had been narration letting us know where we were — like a tour guide or something.
  • It didn’t seem to be in a logical order.
  • Some of the transitions were abrupt.
  • Children need to be 40 inches tall to ride, so it is not a family ride if you have small children.
  • It would be a bit intense for some people, but less intense than an average roller coaster.
  • This is an additional or separate expense from Nickelodeon Universe passes.

FlyOver America is located in the southwest corner of Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America. The ride does not have age restrictions, but for safety reasons, all guests must by 40” or taller.

This review was written by Joy. We were provided complimentary tickets to facilitate this review.

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