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Cromulent Shakespeare Company
For information, e-mail or call or text Helen at 612-251-0991
Admission: $0.00
All Performances Free Unless Otherwise Noted.
Performances in June at metro parks.

Cromulent Shakespeare Company performs free theatre in parks throughout the Twin Cities annually during the month of June. See the Family Fun Calendar for dates and times each June. The public is invited to bring blankets or lawn chairs and a picnic to enjoy a little Shakespeare. Performances usually runs approximately 90 minutes and are weather-dependent, however, shows will not be cancelled unless weather conditions demand it. The troupe works to choose the best park accommodations for their audiences. I have found it difficult to hear in more urban parks, and now try to choose parks with a buffer from traffic and airplane noise.

Cromulent Shakespeare 2021

In 2021, Cromulent is on hiatus.  As an alternative, check our calendar for performances of A Midsummers Night’s Dream by Classical Actors Ensemble.

Learn More About Shakespeare with Kids

If you are interested in exploring Shakespeare a little further with your kids, the Folger Shakespeare Library is a great source of materials.

Cromulent Shakespeare performs in parks in June

Cromulent Shakespeare Performance Schedule:

We will share performance schedules when announced. When making plans, you’ll want to leave time to arrive early for the pre-show.

Look for performances at these parks:

While schedules vary each year, we can guess from previous years, where performances might be held. Watch announcements for these parks:

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