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4744 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: (612) 501-0640
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The Center for Blade Arts (“CFBA”) is a Minnesota Sword Club founded on the idea of enriching and emboldening the culture of swordsmanship. The offer fencing classes and a variety instruction in sword fight sports with a focus on building mental acuity and athletic ability in children, teens, and adults. They work to build a sense of sportsmanship, community and team-building in a welcoming atmosphere.

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Fencing Classes for Kids

Classes are offered for children (ages 6-8), youth (ages 8-12) and teens (ages 12-19) as well as adults. Beginner equipment is provided, but children should get their own kits as they progress.  Kids should dress in full-length athletic pants and indoor tennis shoes and bring a water bottle to classes. CFBA recommends starting at the beginning of a month when they spend extra time on the basics. Classes are paid for by the month and discounted for monthly auto-pay. Monthly fees range from $56 to $99/month depending on age and payment status.

Summer Fencing Camps at Center for Blade Arts

One-week Summer Camps are offered at for kids between the ages 8 to 18. All camps are held from 10am to 2pm. Children should bring a lunch from home. Camps are offered at three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The same dress requirements are in effect for camps as classes. These camps are featured in our annual Summer Camps Guide. Find up-to-date annual camp information, including price and date ranges there.

Summer Fencing Camps at The Center for Blade Arts

Birthday Parties at Center for Blade Arts

Saturday afternoon birthday parties  are hour-long sessions that introduce children to fencing plus a reserved room for a party after the activity. No special equipment is required.  Just dress in long pants, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. Hosts can provide their own food. CFBA recommends pizza from either of the two nearby restaurants and cake from Turtle Bread on the same block. There is also a nearby ice cream shop right upstairs. Email CFBA for more information.

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