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Brave New Workshop, 824 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403

The Brave New Workshop is an improv theater company that creates adult-themed comedy sketches and improv. They do not allow children under 13 to attend performances for this reason. After the age of 13, they recommend that parents preview a few shows alone before bringing their teens. If you are looking for kid-friendly comedy, check our Performing Arts Calendar.

While their shows may not be particularly kid-friendly, the theater offers youth and teen classes that are age appropriate and encourage playfulness while learning.

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Improv Acting Classes for Kids

Brave New Workshop calls its kids acting classes the “Student Union”. These youth and teens improv classes are created to give kids individualized help in growing their skills while having fun with other students. The classes are designed to incorporate creative play.

Summer Camp at Brave New Workshop

The Student Union offers both half and full-day summer camps for kids ages 9-12 and teens ages 13-18 of all skill experience levels. Camps will use games and improv tools to help students develop their crafts at the level they are at.

Performing Arts Summer Camp at Brave New Workshop

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