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Another South Metro stable located in Lakeville is Bob Jensen Stables, and it’s a beautiful facility. I stopped by and was privileged to meet their show horses, their lesson horses, the dogs, the miniature mule, and the miniature donkey.  I also was introduced to their foals:  Daisy, Hank, and Bert.

Where is Bob Jensen Stables?

Bob Jensen Stables is located in Lakeville on Judicial Road.  It is a beautiful wooded property that sits far back from the road.  The barn houses 60 horses, mostly saddlebreds, though the lesson horses are a variety of breeds.  They have a quarterhorse/pony mix, a Friesen, Arabian/pony mix, and Saddlebreds.  The farm acres butt up to Ritter Farm Park which has some beautiful riding trails.

Bob and Linda Jensen have owned the operation since 1984 and were able to move next door in 1987.  For three years, they traveled from Edina everyday: rain, snow, or shine.  It was a relief to be in Lakeville next to their horses.

Introducing Bob Jensen Stables

Bob Jensen Stables’s main focus is showing and training. They also emphasize riding lessons. Linda Jensen and Leigh Erickson run the lesson program. Bob and Cory Eickholt as well as Leigh Erickson work the training program, and Shelby Laing manages the breeding program.

Bob Jensen Stables Offers

They are proud to offer 20 lesson horses, so each student has a fresh horse every time they come for their lesson.  Each lesson is a private or semi-private lesson with the beginning lesson always being a private lesson.

Bob Jensen offers a unique experience that I hadn’t heard of before.  Students who are self-sufficient and able are welcomed to come to the stables on Saturday mornings.  With the staff they bathe and groom the horses,  muck out stalls and rebed the horses.  By 11:00, everything should be done and everyone is free to leave.  It is policy that students are only allowed in the barn if staff is around.  On Saturday morning 11:00 is quittin’ time.

Bob Jensen Stables has a beautiful cottonwood-shaded outdoor arena, a heated barn, and a heated indoor arena.  Lessons and training take place all year long.  Bob, himself, is very active in training the horses.  While I was there, he was using the cart to work the horses.

The indoor arena has an inner pen and an outer ring.  That way they can train multiple horses at a time.

Horses are shown at schooling shows and at Class A shows.  Many of the staff have been trained with equestian degrees and have been with the stable for a long time.  For example, Leigh has been with them for 28 years.  There is a lot of trust in their staff and a very high level of professionalism.

First Impressions

  • As I walked into the stable, I was caught off guard by this huge animal very regally peering down at me.  Making my way through the barn, I was greeted by some of the tallest horses I have ever seen.  Saddlebreds are huge!
  • Saddlebreds are also very friendly and sociable.  Most of them wanted to weasel their way into my affections.  It wasn’t very hard for them to do such a thing.  Once I was accustomed to their height, I was a sucker for these beauties.
  • The Jensens want to put you on a horse.   Getting the whole family involved would be ideal.  They love watching generations participate together.
  • Bob and Linda Jensen love their animals.  The miniature donkey has had a significant role in rescuing riders and other horses including Bob’s wife.

Bob Jensen Stables is proud of its work and rightly so.  If you are looking for a unique horsemanship experience, check out Bob Jensen Stables, and you won’t be disappointed.

This article on was originally published on October 22, 2013 as part of a series of stable reviews. Find them all in our Twin Cities Stables Overview.

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