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Crafty Wednesday – Upcycled TV to Puppet Theatre
Valentine’s Craft to Make at Home
Arts and Crafts for Kids Around Town

Crafty Wednesday – Upcycled TV to Puppet Theatre

As Anne mentioned last week, we are splitting up Wednesdays among us to expand on local outings with some family fun at home. I volunteered for crafts. It took me having kids to re-connect with my “crafty” side. I love looking at Pinterest crafts; but I’m not big into directions or rules when it comes to creativity. Much of what I make isn’t pin-worthy. Kids have so much capacity for imagination, that they don’t really care about aesthetics. Which is good, because, although I could have made this upcycled TV into a beautiful puppet theatre, I settled for good enough.
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Today’s craft isn’t super pretty. However, in the year since we made it, it has continually been one of my kids’ favorite toys — for all of them from toddler to preteen.  They do puppet shows, news shows, plays; sometimes they turn it into a store. As an adult, I find it really tempting to make things other adults would appreciate, but when I step back, I realize the less I do to a project, the more my kids can engage in open-ended free play.

So, here is my story of how we made a big, ugly television into a big, ugly puppet theater (that my kids LOVE).  And, at the end, I’m going to include a puppet show that we recently put together when we were playing around.

Follow up note: We kept this puppet theater for a couple years before its capacity for encouraging creative play became outweighed by its inconvenient size – not bad for a free toy.

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Arts and Crafts for Kids Around Town

Arts and crafts for kids — My kids love crafts.

I hate crafts.

Not because they aren’t cool, but because I don’t like the mess.  Which is so funny because I have a very messy house.  That aside–and the contradiction it is–I love to take my kids places to be creative.  Where I don’t get upset because they made a crazy mess to create something cool. Read More

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