Little Free Library: Family Fun in Miniature

There once was a man from Hudson, Wisconsin who wanted to read. And then he wanted to share his books.  But how could he share his books with all who were interested? And created a little dollhouse-sized library for his front yard.  Whoever wanted a book, could help themselves.  Or whoever wanted to lend their books could leave them. Thus was the beginning of the Little Free Library and all it’s offspring.
Little Free Library

Libraries of all shapes and sizes have popped up around the world. If you are passionate about reading and want to get involved, here are some ways you and your family can join the movement.

  • Donate your gently used books to your neighborhood’s Little Free Library. 
  • Design and build one together as a family (don’t forget to register it to make it official)
  • Host a book swap party
  • Interact with others on Social Media about Little Free Libraries.
  • Fundraise for those who want to host a LFL ($34.95 to register the libraries)

It’s easy to get involved with Little Free Libraries, and it’s easy to excite the whole family!

Want more ideas for Little Free Library Fun?

Joy, who is lucky enough to have half-a-dozen boxes within a short walk from her house, has brainstormed eight fun ideas to make a visit to a Little Free Library more engaging.

Twin Cities Big Free Libraries:

Like the Idea of Sharing? How about These Non-Book Libraries:

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