Back to School 2020: How To Make Plans

Back to School

It’s Back To School Time. But until recently, we weren’t sure what Back to School would look like.

We had hoped Covid would be in the past.  We had hoped that school would start up normally.  We had hoped the summer heat would kill the virus. But it didn’t. And we don’t know when we can resume life as it once was. 


Governor’s decision:

Find Minnesota’s July 30 Announcement here.

Family Fun Twin Cities wants to help you get ready for “Back to School,” and we have some resources for you.

How to Make Plans for School 2020

Before we can move forward, we need to evaluate our feelings and our fears. Make a brain dump of everything that is on your mind. Write it all down. Release all your emotions, collect your random thoughts, name your fears, start a to-do list.

  1. Shift Mindset  School is not going to look the same as it once did. It’s okay to be fine with it.  It’s okay to be sad about it.  It’s okay to not know how you feel.  Living through Covid itself is an education: one that we are all learning together. Shifting our mindset helps us to be more fluid and flexible.
  2. Assemble Ideas The decisions that are being made for you are only some of the work that needs to be done.  My family has decided to homeschool all our kids.  But even if you don’t homeschool, there will be unscheduled time.  Do you have a plan for that? I don’t believe that we should plan our kids’ every minute, but I do believe it’s important to have routines and options.
  3. Establish Possible Strategies Ask yourself, “what resources do I have available?”  Think outside the box for different ways of problem-solving.  Maybe this year you can work opposite hours from you partner so that someone can be present with the kids on their days at home.  Maybe you  do distance learning with another family and stick with them for the school year. 
  4. Determine Indicators of Needed Change I have learned with each of my kids how they express their tension and stress.  A couple of my kids cry, one screams and throws things, and another one bottles it up until it’s so bad she can’t take it anymore.  When these behaviors show up, I know I can’t always push through it.  Start to take note of the ways they deal with stress. If you start noticing a pattern of stress-induced behavior, change it up to see if relieves any tension.
  5. Don’t Give Up You can do this.  We did it last spring with no advanced warning or preparation. This upcoming school year may not be what any of us hoped for, but we can do this.

Back to School Preparations

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Do you have any tips to share?  We would love to hear them and pass them on to our community.

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