5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day a Family Affair

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It’s Valentine’s Day in just a couple of weeks.  A few years ago, we asked art expert and Twin Cities mom, Amanda Vallone, Owner of  ARTrageous Adventures for some ideas to celebrate with your family.

Valentine’s Day, a day that has long been associated with the idea of love. What shouts LOVE more than your family?

Spend this Valentine’s Day filling the day with little surprises for the people in your life that you love the most. You might even inspire some new family traditions that your children can pass down to their children when they begin to navigate the years of parenthood.

5 Simple Things That Fill Valentine’s Day with Special Surprises and Loving Moments

This year is the perfect year to spread the love starting at home with your family. Here are 5 simple things to do to make this holiday, a day filled with special surprises and loving moments.

Family preparing for Valentine's Day with arts and crafts at ARTrageous Adventures in Minneapolis, Minnesota

1. Get A Start with Breakfast

Wake up early and decorate the table with hearts and special plates for a surprise Valentine Breakfast party before school. Make their favorite breakfast food or pick up a few fancy donuts from the local bakery the day before.

2. Fun Valentine’s Day Outfits

Instead of a box full of chocolates, surprise them with a fun Valentine’s Day shirt or accessory to wear to school. You know your kids the best, so choose something they would LOVE to wear and show off. A unicorn or a favorite sports team t shirt or a pair of dinosaur socks. Your clothing choice does not have to be sprinkled with hearts, in order for them to love what they are wearing.

3. A Lunchtime Surprise

Pack a special lunch with a homemade Valentine card and a piece of their favorite candy. Include directions to eat the healthy part of their lunch first, of course.

4. A Special Valentine Dinner

Instead of dealing with restaurant reservations, order in from your favorite pizza place or other favorite dine in options and clear out a space on the floor for a special Valentine’s Family Picnic. Light some candles and dim the lights for that special ambiance. Spend this time connecting with your family and sharing some highlights from their day or sharing a funny story or two. Why not make some Valentine Candy, too? 

5. Surprise Your Favorite Name

After dinner, surprise your favorite neighbor or two with a small box of chocolates or a handmade card that your family made together and ding dong ditch that neighbor for a Valentine’s surprise that will put a smile on their face. Showing your kids that surprising others in your community can make you just as happy as being surprised yourself!

Crafting Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts with Kids

Now that you have some fun ideas to surprise your loved ones at home, here are some ideas you can help your kids with for their school Valentine’s. The weekend before Valentine’s Day is a great day for a crafting session if you are going for homemade Valentine’s, not the night before.

Easy Peasy Valentine Bookmarks

DIY Valentine Bookmarks for Kids created by Artrageous Adventures in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Make a handmade bookmark using the phrase, “You wrote the book on being cool!”

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cardstock or cereal box cardboard
  2. Magazines
  3. Glue or glue stick
  4. Scissors
  5. Sharpie marker.


  1. Cut down cardstock or lightweight recycled cardboard to 6in long and 2 in wide.
  2. Using magazine pictures with favorite colors, textures or pictures cut and cover the bookmark template using glue stick until your bookmark is filled with color and design.
  3. Cut out a heart shape small enough to fit onto the bookmark and glue to center of the bookmark. Make sure that the heart is cut from a solid color or texture so that it will stand out against your background.
  4. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and put yarn or ribbon through and tie off.
  5. Optional, add modge podge to seal and gloss your final bookmark art.

Even Easier Valentine Magnets

Valentine's Day "IheART you!" craft from ARTrageous Adventures in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Make a heart magnet using the phrase, “I heART you!”

Supplies Needed:

  1. Crayola Model Magic
  2. Stick on magnet
  3. Sharpie marker


  1. A trip to Michaels or Lakeshore Learning will get you what you need for this project. Remember to use your coupons for extra savings too!
  2. Shape your clay into a heart shape design and flatten slightly. You can use white or opt for the multi colored pack and mix colors together for a tie die affect.
  3. Once you have the heart shaped as you like, stick a magnet on the back and let dry for 24 hours.
  4. Write your message on the heart or just the year on the back.

**If you would rather not have the extra expense of air hardening clay, you can make your own salt dough clay OR use cardboard and markers for your heART magnet too.

Easiest — Valentine Snacks for School Friends

Valentine's Day Snacks & Crafts Created at ARTrageous Adventures in Minneapolis, MN

  1. Grab some party favor bubbles or Blow Pops from the store and write or print out this fun phrase, “You Blow Me Away Valentine!”
  2. Buy a bag of pixie sticks and write or print this fun phrase, “Stick with me, Valentine!”
  3. Purchase snack size Goldfish and write or print this fun phrase, “You’re a great catch and I am so glad we are in the same school.”

About ARTrageous Adventures

Examples of Valentine's Day Art that Family Fun Twin Cities did at ARTrageous Adventures in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Examples of Valentine’s Art that FFTC did at ARTrageous Adventures

Part of the Kenwood community in Minneapolis, ARTrageous Adventures is a full service studio offering art programming for all ages, but specializing in school age programs. Amanda Vallone and her staff offer studio times, classes, special community events and more.

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