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SW Corner of Frost & English, maplewood
Maplewood Nature Center: Phone: 651-249-2170
Admission: $0.00
Maplewood Preserves are open from dawn to dusk

Gladstone Savanna is a 23-acre preserve built on the site of historic railroad repair shops and the City of Gladstone. The site has been free of buildings since 1979 and has been grown over with native trees and plants, including as oaks, cottonwood, grey-headed coneflower, blazing star, and purple prairie clover bloom. 

In 2012, Maplewood began developing Gladstone Savanna with a goal of integrating the site’s railroad history and natural resources with recreation, including a playground. Family friendly amenities include a trail through restored native prairie is flourishing, the playground, and a sitting area near the historic well and a rail feature. There are no restrooms or drinking water at the preserve. Activities for this park, are managed by Maplewood Nature Center

In 2018, the Heritage Preservation Commission plans to add historical signs for the site. 

Parking at Gladstone Savanna

Find parking at Flicek park or neighborhood street parking.

Gladstone Savanna is Managed by Maplewood
Gladstone Savanna is Managed by Maplewood

Find a PDF of Maplewood Preserves here.

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