2020 Twin Cities Marathon – Family Style

The Twin Cities Marathon is October 1st in 2020. However, its going virtual this year. Even with the current restrictions, Twin Cities in Motion is still offering some fun ways to make it a family event. In fact they’ll be offering activities all month long.

Start Now By Downloading a Family Training Schedule and Log

Want to be able to run a 5K together (That’s 3.1 miles)? Download a printable kids 5K training schedule and a training log for 12, 8 or 4 weeks. This is one way you can promote a healthy lifestle for the whole family. Even the little ones could get involved – either riding in a stroller or riding their bikes for these workouts.

Don’t worry about it being too much, they have created these tools to help kids (and their parents) to “take it one mile at a time”. Use these schedules and logs and  email the organizers to request complimentary rewards. You can get incentives like jump ropes and frisbees.

  1. PRINTABLE KIDS’ 5K TRAINING SCHEDULE (This is a 9-week program)
  2. 12-WEEK TRAINING LOG – Start July 9th to fill it out by October 1st!
  3. 8-WEEK TRAINING LOG – Start August 6th to fill it out by October 1st!
  4. 4-WEEK TRAINING LOG – Start September 3 to fill it out by October 1st!

They’ll be offering other activities all months long. Follow Twin Cities in Motion on your favorite social media to get all the details.

Sign Up to Participate in A Virtual Race

After training together for the 5K, you can sign up hereBesides the adult races, their are several virtual family races this year. Whether you want to do a family mile, a half mile, the toddler trot or the diaper dash. You can still compete – just a little more distantly than in past years.

  1. KARE 11 Family Mile
  2. Half Mile
  3. Toddler Trot
  4. Diaper Dash
10K 5K Kids Races-425

Cheer on Your Child’s First Race with the Diaper Dash – Image courtesy of Twin Cities in Motion

Don’t Forget the Health & Fitness Expo – That’s Going Virtual, Too.

Visit the booths from home, by scrolling through the virtual village. You’ll still find information on gear, nutrition and technology. You can also participate in live video conferencing if you have questions and watch scheduled programs. Enjoy the virtual village any time in October.

Beyond the Twin Cities Marathon

Maybe you would like to start running as a family, but want to start a bit smaller? To help with this, we feature races along with other family-friendly sporting events on our Family Sports Page. While this is a rough year for gathering-type events, some races are still happening or going virtual. You can sign up and complete the virtual races on your own.

Raise a future runner in the Twin Cities Marathon by starting with shorter races found on our family sports page.


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