The Great RiverCentre Train Show 2013

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2013 marked the year of the first Great RiverCentre Train Show in St. Paul, hosted by Choo Choo Bob’s Train Show and Store.  It’s a 2-day event full of music, games, and trains. choochoobobshowlive

Held on Saturday, December 28 and Sunday, December 29, Bob Medcraft, the founder of Choo Choo Bob’s Train Show decided that if the Twin Cities wanted an grcts train ridingannual train show like Madison and Milwaukee or Sioux Falls or even Randolph, Minnesota, they were the ones to make it happen.  So they filled the RiverCentre’s lower level exhibit halls with trains and food and bouncy houses.

It was a win for everyone involved.  Train clubs of all gauges displayed their lay-outs, train vendors were able to sell their wares, and museums were able to get exposure.

grcts train displaysWhen we got there, we almost lost Jack in the crowd.  He was sucked into the train heaven, and when we turned our backs to get a free apple, he was gone.  Good thing Daddy went chasing after him.

Some of our favorite things included

  • the train displays,
  • the bouncy maze and slides,
  • the live Choo Choo Bob Show (where Kyla was one of three chosen to participate in a game and won a prize),
  • and the riding trains.

There was also a Choo Choo Bob’s Train Show theatre for the constant playing of the Choo Choo Bob’s Train Show.

Sir Topham Hat from Thomas the Tank Engine was there all day, too, but for my kids, he doesn’t hold a candle to Choo Choo Bob.

Engineer Emily?  They love her, but who is this guy in the funny hat?


The Bouncy Crainess was well-loved by our kids!  As you can see!  Or not see.  They went so fast down the 20-foot slide that I couldn’t catch them on my camera.

grcts bouncyhouse fun

I highly recommend going to the Great  RiverCentre Train Show next year.  The RiverCentre was a spacious venue, and there was a lot to see and do together as a family.

Don’t let the train leave without you next year!


In the interest of full disclosure, Family Fun Twin Cities was given tickets to the Great RiverCentre Train Show.  All opinions are 100% mine.


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